Monthly Screenings

Israeli Cinema 2018

The Conductor

Dir.: Alon Zingman
| 80 minutes

A world-renowned conductor, abandons the stage to return to the home he left 30 years back. There, he finds his father in a progressive state of Alzheimer, takes over the local choir’s conductor’s job, and hides a personal secret that will change his life forever….  

The Kirshenbaum Diaries

Dir.: Ben Shani
| 135 minutes

Moti Kirschenbaum was a beacon in the world of journalism. In the days before his sudden passing, journalist Ben Shani proposed to set out on a journey in the footsteps of those mythological reports. The journey became one through the many stages in Kirschenbaum’s life. 

Reflected Light

Dir.: Mordechai Vardi
| 67 minutes

The vast majority of secular Jews who have become religious have failed to integrate within Haredi society. In 2009, in a process that has gained momentum, newly-observant Jews gathered and called to disengage from ultra-Orthodox society. 

A Standard Love Song: Arik Einstein, Eps. 1 & 3

Created by: Avida Livny, Assaf Amir, Yoav Kutner
| 104 minutes

A Standard Love Song is a musical biography of Arik Einstein, the artist whose voice served as the anchor for Israeli culture, and whose life tells the story of Tel Aviv, of Israel, and of Israelis: dreamers, warriors, artists, and lovers.

They Called Me Ovadia

Dir.: Tal Michael, David Ofek
| 50 minutes

Abed Rajoub is one of the most senior Palestinian agents to collaborate with Israel. Recruited by the Israeli defense apparatus as a kid, he declares he would rather be Israeli than Palestinian. But looking bak, he longs for the Palestinian identity he suppressed.