Wednesday | 28.10.20

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A Standard Love Song: Arik Einstein, Eps. 1 & 3
Created by: Avida Livny, Assaf Amir, Yoav Kutner | 104 minutes

A Standard Love Song: Arik Einstein, Eps. 1 & 3

Israel 2017 | 104 minutes | Hebrew | Hebrew subtitles

A Standard Love Song is a musical biography of Arik Einstein, the artist whose voice served as the anchor for Israeli culture, and whose life tells the story of Tel Aviv, of Israel, and of Israelis: dreamers, warriors, artists, and lovers.

Over five decades of artistic breakthroughs, as evident in his 30 albums, Einstein was always an enthusiastic collaborating artist. He discovered young, mostly unknown musicians, adopted them, created revolutions, and steered them toward glorious careers.

From his childhood in 1940s Tel Aviv, seeing his father perform at the Ohel Theater, to the sports complex at the A.D. Gordon Children Education Center, we witness the growth of a humorous, tall and handsome youth (who incidentally became Israel’s high jump champion). Following his military service in the Nahal Army Troupe, with a repertoire spanning one war and three solo songs, Einstein set his goals toward theater (Irma la Douce) and cinema (Dalia and the Sailors, Sallah), quickly becoming a star. Arik then left the iconic Yarkon Bridge Trio to form a new trio that would reinvent Hebrew pop music – The High Windows!