Sunday | 17.01.21

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Israeli Fusion – Episode 1, “Where Is the Gefilte Fish?”
Dir.: Ayelet Heller | 44 minutes

Israeli Fusion – Episode 1, “Where Is the Gefilte Fish?”

Israel 2018 | 44 minutes | Hebrew | English subtitles

What is Israeli cuisine? How has it been shaped by history and society? Which culinary traditions have triumphed over the past 70 years? Israeli Fusion explores these questions through today’s leading culinary figures. In the episode before us, “Where is the Gefilte Fish?” comedian and actor Tal Friedman asks why traditional Eastern-European cuisine, brought to Israel by Jewish immigrants, nearly vanished from the public culinary scene. Friedman meets chefs, gastronomical experts, secular and religious Jews, and a proud Polish grandma - and even tries to overcome his own “calf’s foot jelly phobia,” while attempting to reveal why Eastern-European food has failed to assimilate in Israel’s gastronomical milieu.