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Jewish Film Week 2023

Bloody Groom

Dir.: Aviad Shtachelberg
| 15 minutes

Moishy, a young yeshiva student, is desperately in love with Ruchela, a young and beautiful woman whose previous husbands have all died.

A Boy’s Life

Dir.: Christian Krönes, Florian Weigensamer
| 96 minutes

Daniel Chanoch was deported to Auschwitz at only 9-years-old. Now, at the age of 91, he recounts in a touching and open manner his incredible odyssey from the Jewish ghetto in Lithuania through six concentration camps to Mandatory Palestine.

Burning Off the Page

Dir.: Eli Gorn
| 83 minutes

This captivating documentary showcases the work and life of Celia Dropkin, writer of Yiddish erotic poetry that both shocked and delighted literary society in the 1920s and 30s. Dropkin’s poetry shattered the conventions, while writing about desire, passion, and physical sensuality.

A Burning Soil Beneath our Feet

Dir.: Julien Donada
| 73 minutes

“I return to Poland 25 years after directing a film about the traces of a destroyed Jewish world…. Upon the ruins of the past, we look for signs like pieces of a puzzle that built our history, our memory, our emotions.” (Julien Donada)

Conquering Time - Ágnes Keleti

Dir.: Katalin Olah
| 78 minutes

Agnes Keleti is the most decorated Jewish woman athlete of all times. Her life was overshadowed by terrible events: persecution, loss of family members, emigration, and disconnection from her roots. In Israel, she fought relentlessly for her beloved sport and became the founder of women’s artistic gymnastics. 

The Conspiracy

Dir.: Maxim Pozdorovkin
| 92 minutes

The Conspiracy is an animated documentary that shows how a centuries-old myth has moved from the fringe to the mainstream, becoming a pillar of modern anti-Semitism. The conspiracy that ravages the lives of these characters is set against the backdrop of a larger story about the Jewish people.

Dark Parts

Dir.: Amit Karny
| 7 minutes

An animated short about a boy who loses his sanity as a reaction to his mother’s behavior, a Holocaust survivor.

East and West

Dir.: Sidney M. Goldin
| 90 minutes

A successful New York businessman and his daughter Molly return to the “Old Country” to attend his niece’s wedding. Molly stages a mock wedding of her own but, ignorant of custom, winds up married to timid Talmud student Ruben. A pertinent social satire reflecting worldly Jews as they encounter traditional shtetl life.

Pissarro - Father of Impressionism

Dir.: David Bickerstaff
| 94 minutes

Without Camille Pissarro, there is no Impressionist movement. Pissarro was a dedicated family man, generous with his advice, passionate about experimentation, well-read, socially aware, and an anarchist. Through intimate and revealing letters this gripping film reveals Pissarro’s life and work.

Tribute to Alexandre Arcady

For Sacha

Dir.: Alexandre Arcady
| 115 minutes

Israel, 1967. Sacha and Laura have been living on a kibbutz near the Syrian border for two years. Simon, Michel, and Paul visit to celebrate Laura's birthday. Simon is obsessed by the death of the girl he loved and attempts to find someone to blame.

The Goldman Case

Dir.: Cédric Kahn
| 116 minutes

The year is 1975 and Pierre Goldman, a fiery and controversial figure of evolutionary left-wing activism, stands trial. Guilty of numerous charges, Goldman proclaimed his innocence after being accused of a double murder. The Goldman Case is based on a true story that divided a country.

The Gun

Dir.: Shaya Chesner
| 17 minutes

Shaya is married to Moriah and is a father to Maayan. He carries a handgun everywhere. Shaya embarks on a journey regarding the possible origins of his fears after suffering from post-trauma in the IDF.

Hello, Dolly!

Dir.: Gene Kelly
| 148 minutes

Its 1890 and all of NYC is excited because matchmaker Dolly Levi is in town. While there, she convinces her new client, his two stock clerks, his niece, and her beau to travel to New York City, where a game of love musical chairs ensues.

Hope Without Boundaries

Dir.: Itay Vered
| 65 minutes

Amid the war in Ukraine, an Israeli field hospital is established to provide medical care to those affected by the conflict. A touching portrayal of humanity and the impact that small acts of kindness can have in the face of adversity.

James Joyce’s Ulysses

Dir.: Adam Low
| 88 minutes

This new feature-length documentary from Adam Low unlocks Joyce’s masterpiece in all its surprising, poetic, moving, verbose, and sexually explicit endlessly hilarious glory, seeking to re-create the odyssey of its Jewish protagonist, Leopold Bloom.

Last Aid

Dir.: Alex Osmolovsky
| 12 minutes

Rookie MDA volunteer Eti and veteran paramedic Alona share their first night shift together on Purim’s eve. While starting on the wrong foot, an unexpected patient helps them bridge their differences and grow closer.


Dir.: Elan Golod
| 79 minutes

Seventy years after the US military sent him to guard the top Nazi war criminals at the Nuremberg trials, Nathan Hilu still cannot stop drawing his memories. His art is powerful, but is it authentic? Could the most dramatic events of his lifetime taken on a life of their own?

Occupied City

Dir.: Steve McQueen
| 262 minutes

The past collides with our precarious present in Steve McQueen’s epic documentary. McQueen creates two interlocking portraits: a door-to-door excavation of the Nazi occupation and a vivid journey through the last years. What emerges is both devastating and life-affirming. 

Tribute to Alexandre Arcady

Once Upon a Time in Algeria

Dir.: Alexandre Arcady
| 128 minutes

The story of a filmmaker’s journey to his hometown of Algiers, with his young son. He walks around Algiers and through the memories of a little boy not quite like others, while reliving moments of happiness, laughter, and tears from an idyllic childhood left long ago.

One Life

Dir.: James Hawes
| 110 minutes

One Life tells the true story of Sir Nicholas ‘Nicky’ Winton, a young London broker who, along with the British Committee for Refugees in Czechoslovakia, rescued 669 children from the Nazis in the months leading to WWII. "With a quality cast, this is a finely crafted film that unfolds with great care, building towards a cathartic climax" (Total Film).

Over There

Dir.: Etty Ben Onn
| 17 minutes

17-year-old Miri is the Rabbi's daughter in a small, religious town. Both curious and lonely, she spends her time alone in the nearby woods and daydreams of a different life. One day, she stumbles on a teenage boy, her neighbor, during a forbidden act. A gentle, complex relationship ensue.


Dir.: Chaya Moshayev
| 14 minutes

Ella and Edik, siblings from a traditional Bukhari family, arrive early on holiday to their childhood home. There, they find their homophobic father - dead and dressed in women's clothes.


Dir.: Marco Bellocchio
| 125 minutes

In 1858, in Bologna's Jewish quarter, papal soldiers burst into the home of the Mortara family and take seven-year-old Edgardo, who was secretly baptized by his nanny. His desperate parents embark on a campaign to return him to their custody. A fascinating historical drama by award-winning Italian director Marco Bellocchio.