Saturday | 30.09.23

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Jerusalem Women's Film Festival 2022

We are excited to open the third edition of the Jerusalem Women's Film Festival!

We have pledged to promote social agendas while maintaining uncompromising quality: this is the opportunity to watch films made by the best filmmakers from Israel and abroad in a celebration of female-driven, original and diverse cinema! We seek to celebrate this together - making quality films accessible to all, integrating Jerusalem’s diverse groups and populations and, of course, celebrating excellent films directed by women.

The four-day event promises a fascinating, packed schedule with screenings of feature-length films from Israel and abroad, conversations with groundbreaking Israeli filmmakers, a panel discussion on Haredi feminism and special screenings in both East and West Jerusalem. This year, for the first time, we are holding an event called “Focus on our Neighbors” – Israeli premiers of films made by women filmmakers from Turkey, Kosovo, Macedonia and Albania.  Through these films, we will be exposed to the familiar yet strange worlds of our neighbors who, just like us here in Jerusalem, are preoccupied with the fine line between the old and the new, tradition and progress. We will also screen “Solidarity”, a celebrated Ukrainian film on the hardships of war and the plight of refugees, made long before the current war in Ukraine broke out.

As women who live, create and love this city, with all its complexities and nuances, we feel that Jerusalem is the best place to host this festival. As women who share common experiences with women everywhere – Jewish women and Arab women, secular women and religious women – we have found that the language of film is the best way to express the things that unite us, especially in such complicated, crazy, amazing city such as Jerusalem.

Why do we need this, anyway? Even today, in 2022, female directors are still blatantly under-represented. Around the world, we are witnessing a gradual change for the better, as major film festivals have begun to insist on complete gender parity, with at least half of the films directed by women. Unfortunately, this progress is yet to reach Israel. During the last Israeli Cinema Day, 32 new films were screened – only two of which directed by women. While half of film school graduates in Israel are women, this gender parity loses steam later on, and many talented women do not pursue a career in filmmaking. This is why we find it so important to put a spotlight on films made by women. We believe that equal representation can lead to an equal world.

We are delighted to invite you to celebrate films made by women, on women, for everyone!

Lihi Sabad and Shira Meishar, Festival Directors

Founded by the Jerusalem Filmmakers Guild in collaboration with and support of the Jerusalem Municipality, the Jerusalem Women's Film Festival is organized by the Women in the Frame Association.


Dir.: Paola Calvo, Patrick Jasim
| 90 minutes

The film is an intimate portrait of three courageous female wrestlers (Luchadoras) from Ciudad Juarez who, despite being surrounded by machismo and in constant danger, fight to redefine the image of what it means to be a woman in Mexico.

Opening Event

Opening remarks and greetings

Vera Dreams of the Sea

Dir.: Kaltrina Krasniqi
| 87 minutes

Vera has to take matters into her own hands when, following her husband's suicide, she discovers his involvement with the underworld. A portrait of a woman dealing with the complex reality of the profound gender biases of our time.  

Cinema Sabaya

Dir.: Orit Fokus Rotem
| 91 minutes

Eight women, Arab and Jewish, take part in a video workshop hosted by Rona, young filmmaker. With each camera take, the group dynamic forces the women to challenge their beliefs as they get to know one other.

The Monster of Jerusalem

בימוי: לימור פנחסוב
| 75 minutes

In the picturesque alleys of the ultra-Orthodox Nachlaot neighborhood, dozens of stories of child sexual assaults and a network of pedophiles emerge. But perhaps there is another story? Perhaps it's a witch hunt that has led to a murder. 18+

Women on Women, Independent Short Films – Program 2

| 92 minutes

מיטב הסרטים העצמאיים שנעשו על ידי הבמאיות המבטיחות של הדור הבא. המקבץ מציג קשת רחבה של סגנונות, ז'אנרים וכמובן גיבורות: אמהות, ילדות, נערות, כולן מחפשות דרכים להתמודד עם המורכבות שהחיים מזמנים להן: כאשר היית איתי, מה שלא נשבר, חותרות לחיים, גירוד, מחיקה מלאה.

Sons of Cain

Dir.: Keti Stamo
| 74 minutes

In a small village in northern Albania, the severe rules of an old code still dictate the life of the inhabitants. Through the eyes of seven children, studying the story of Cain and Abel, the ancient code of blood vengeance is called into question.

Laughing with You

Prior to the screening, a panel discussion on female filmmakers and comedy in Israel (in Heb.)

Kiss Me Before It Blows

Dir.: Shirel Peleg
| 106 minutes

When two generations of Israeli women fall for a German woman and a Palestinian man, chaos follows. This daring and wacky debut film allows itself to laugh at a variety of taboo subjects and invites us to a romantic comedy that explores all possible boundaries.


Dir.: Dina Duma
| 90 minutes

The friendship of two adolescent girls is threatened the moment they have to face the dire repercussions of their manipulative behavior. Sisterhood is a tender debut film that, with an authentic approach, captures the formative years of adolescence. 16+

New Voices Panel

Panel (in Heb.) with three up-and-coming female directors on the move from short filmmaking to their first big projects (TV series or full-length features). Participants: Aleeza Chanowitz, Shiri Nevo Fridental, Maayan Rypp. Free entrance. 

Rashbi’s Secret

Dir.: Shirly Chechik
| 73 minutes

Many of us are not familiar with the site of the tomb of Rabbi Shimon Bar-Yohai in Meiron, and do not understand the essence of the faith that causes hundreds of thousands of people to visit the tomb every year. Rashbi’s Secret presents a poetic and intimate reflection of this special place.

Ultra-Orthodox Short Films

| 26 minutes

Four shorts films made by ultra-Orthodox women, giving a glimpse into their lives. Opening remarks and greeting, followed by screening and panel discussion with the filmmakers. 

Following the screening, conversation (in Heb.) with director Hagar Ben Asher

Dead Women Walking

Dir.: Hagar Ben Asher
| 100 minutes

Moments before their execution, the lives of eight women on death row unfold, On the beauty, pain, love, and hope they posses. Eight women find compassion and love in the dark corridors of America.


Dir.: Azra Deniz Okyay
| 90 minutes

Istanbul, on the eve of great change, is the setting for Ghost that takes place over one day. Four characters live in the same neighborhood, an area amid a gentrification process and on its way to becoming the "New Turkey."

The Odd-Job Man

Dir.: Neus Ballús
| 85 minutes

A gripping and funny look at six decisive days in the life of a plumbing squad as they go from client to client, door to door, day to day. Moha is on a one-week trial period; Pep is about to retire; and Velro is not pleased. 

Independent Filmmaking in Israel

Discussion (in Heb.) with independent filmmaker Dvorit Shargal

The Submarine Case | The Fourth Part of the Trilogy

100 minutes

The Submarine Case - In the summer of 2017, a Swedish journalist boarded a private submarine in Denmark to interview the entrepreneur Peter Madsen and disappeared. At the same time, director Dvorit Shargal dreams a strange and disturbing dream | The Fourth Part of the Trilogy - Dvorit Shergal embarked on a nostalgic journey into the core of the book series, Children of the World. After a prolonged break and revisiting her journey, she concludes that she now had another film in her hands.

Closing Film

The Young Lovers

Dir.: Carine Tardieu
| 113 minutes

15 years after a brief, but meaningful, encounter, Shauna (70) and Pierre's (40) path cross once again, which leads to an affair. While Pierre's family is in turmoil, Shauna is experiencing feelings she never thought she would ever feel again.

In Honor of Ukrainian director Alina Gorlova

This Rain Will Never Stop

Dir.: Alina Gorlova
| 104 minutes

Andriy, whose family fled Syria and came to Ukraine, surviving one war only to end up in another, volunteers with the Red Cross. His story threads through this visually arresting film, tenderly weaving through images of people and places marked by war.