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Friday | 05.11.21 to Tuesday | 11.11.31
Monday | 01.11.21 to Wednesday | 31.12.31
Sunday 28.11.21 | 18:00

Before the screening, discussion with  Vanessa Lapa and Professor Moshe Zimmermann on the character of Albert Speer: How he managed to manipulatively construct his image as a “good Nazi”. In Hebrew. 

The implausible second career of Albert Speer: How did a man in charge of 12 million slaves become “the good Nazi”? A cautionary tale about his 1971 attempt to whitewash his past with a Hollywood adaptation of his memoir, "Inside the Third Reich.” 

Monday | 01.11.21 to Wednesday | 31.12.31
Monday | 01.11.21 to Wednesday | 31.12.31
Tuesday | 02.11.21 to Wednesday | 31.12.31

World Premiere of the Hebrew Version. Before the film, conversation with director, Ari Folman, and actress Lir Katz. In Hebrew.

One year from today, Kitty, Anne Frank’s imaginary friend, the one to whom Anne devoted her entire diary, magically comes to life at the Anne Frank house in Amsterdam. She believes that if she’s alive, Anne must be alive as well. She sets out on a relentless quest to find Anne. For ages 10 and above.


Monday | 01.11.21 to Wednesday | 31.12.31

Before the screening: Discussion and performance by Shem-Tov Levi, composer of the film’s soundtrack.

An aging actress in a Yiddish theater has finally reached success. Her story serves as a pretext for a review of the Yiddish theater, which, like the actress, had a brilliant past but is now slowly dying. 

Tuesday | 02.11.21 to Wednesday | 31.12.31
Monday | 08.11.21 to Wednesday | 31.12.31

Lecture: Nir Cohen-Shalit, Concert: Guy Frati, Anna Spitz singer, Ofer Shapira, Gil Goldin, Program: Papa Can You Hear Me, My Man and more. This program will be longer than usual

New York City, the early 1900s. From the slums of the Lower East Side, we follow the young Fanny Brice who is determined to succeed in show business despite her unglamorous looks. William Wyler’s lavish bio-pic features the one and only Barbra Streisand.

Monday | 01.11.21 to Wednesday | 31.12.31
National Theatre Live
Wednesday 24.11.21 | 19:00

The story of a family and a company that changed the world, told in three parts on a single evening. Academy Award-winner Sam Mendes directs Simon Russell Beale, Adam Godley and Ben Miles who play the Lehman Brothers, their sons, and grandsons. This critically acclaimed and five-time Olivier Award nominated play was filmed live in London’s West End in 2019.

Monday | 01.11.21 to Wednesday | 31.12.31
Tuesday | 02.11.21 to Wednesday | 31.12.31

Discussion between Ambassador of Romania to Israel Radu Ioanid and Yossi Melman, Haaretz. In memory of Dr. Leon Volovici, historian and literary critic, and Director Radu Gabrea.

Based on documents and astonishing testimonials, this film reveals the incredible story of sale of the Jews of Romania to the State of Israel, from WW2 until 1989, reaching its climax during the reign of Nicoale Ceauşescu. Conversation and Film Screening

Tuesday | 02.11.21 to Wednesday | 31.12.31
Sunday 28.11.21 | 20:00

Following the screening, conversation with Honorary Guest Bernard-Hénri Levy and award-winning Correspondent and Documentary Filmmaker Itai Anghel.

Veteran war reporter, philosopher and writer, Bernard-Henri Lévy reports from war torn locations around the globe bearing witness to tremendous human suffering and misery, where the world’s destiny is being determined, and no one, it seems is paying attention. 

Tuesday | 09.11.21 to Wednesday | 31.12.31

Opening Remarks (in Heb.): Herzl Makov, President of the Begin Center

Menachem Begin’s life is a nuanced and complicated canvas that tells the story of modern Israel and its relationship to its Middle East neighbors. With evocative imagery, rarely seen archival materials, and revealing interviews, Upheaval portrays the life and essence of this brilliant yet complex leader.

Monday | 08.11.21 to Wednesday | 31.12.31
Tuesday | 02.11.21 to Wednesday | 31.12.31
Wednesday 01.12.21 | 10:30

A tribute to the creators of animated Jewish films about Hannukah. In the presence of the creators. LIGHTS Dir.: Yehuda Wurtzel BY THE LIGHT OF THE CANDLES Dir.: Al Putashnik

Monday | 01.11.21 to Wednesday | 27.11.30

A talk and discussion with leading creators of animation with Jewish content about the challenges and solutions in creating animation in the world of Judaism. Featuring Shlomo Blass, Gidi Zar, and Ofer Vinter.

Monday | 01.11.21 to Tuesday | 25.11.31
Monday | 01.11.21 to Wednesday | 26.11.31

A 10-episode series on a journey through the neighborhoods of Jerusalem, past and present. Featuring musicians from the Tomer Katz Ensemble and graduates of the Musrara School of Music, with Poetry Slam poets onscreen and onstage. 

Monday | 01.11.21 to Monday | 24.11.31
Tuesday | 02.11.21 to Monday | 28.05.29