Wednesday | 06.07.22

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The Lone Jew | A Discussion on the Jewish Male in the Works of Hagai Levi
60 minutes

"I am a Jew" is the second character trait that Jonathan thinks of in Scenes from a Marriage ("I am a man" is the first), when he is asked what traits he cannot imagine living without. After that, he admits that it is strange that of all traits, that was the one that popped into his head.   

A conversation between Hagai Levi and Anat Rivlin, who once worked together and remained friends. The two will speak about Judaism through the prism of love, longing, and loneliness, and about the role of creative works and their presence in the cultural discourse. They will examine the evolution of the Jewish male in the works of Hagai Levi over time: What similarities do the men in his works share, and what differences do they have in defining their Jewish roots?

Hagai Levi, grew up on Kibbutz Sha'alvim and received a religious education; his various works explore subjects concerning the Jewish male. Anat Rivlin was one of Levi's students at Tel Aviv University's School of Cinema and Television. Later on, she worked with him on Short Stories About Love where she learned from him about the concept of the marriage between film and sound, but also about the significance of the fluidity of marriage in life. In Hebrew.