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The Menten Affair
Dir.: Tim Oliehoek | 142 minutes

The Menten Affair

Netherlands 2016 | 142 minutes | Dutch, English, German, Polish | Hebrew, English subtitles

The Menten Affair tells the riveting story of investigative journalist Hans Knoop and his courageous pursuit of the biggest war criminal in the Netherlands, multimillionaire Pieter Menten. When Menten announces the partial sale of his art collection, the news is picked up by Israeli journalist Chaviv Kanaan, who accuses Menten of executing Jews in Polish villages during the War. Kanaan then contacts Hans Knoop and informs him that in 1943 Menten shipped three train cars with stolen art to the Netherlands. From here, Knoop pursues the truth about the ex-Nazi’s past, but Menten refuses to go down without a fight…