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Jerusalem Jewish Film Festival 2017


Dir.: Tomer Heymann, Barak Heymann, Nadan Pines
| 50 minutes

#Work_in_Progress brings together well-known Israeli YouTube creators and social activists who belong to diverse communities in the Israeli society. The encounter of these two worlds presents an interesting, surprising angle on Israeli society and its many challenges. 

Across the Waters

Dir.: Nicolo Donato
| 90 minutes

Denmark, 1943. Arne Itkin, a Jewish jazz musician, and his family barely manage to escape persecution. They are told they could be sailed across to Sweden by local fishermen, but who can they trust? A gripping drama inspired by a true story. 

Another Planet

Dir.: Amir Yatziv
| 48 minutes

Amir Yatziv presents an animated documentary about virtual models of Auschwitz. The film follows the creators of these virtual camps, each within their stimulated worlds, revealing the obsession with the representation of the Holocaust. This is a voyage into the depths of memory.

Big Sonia

Dir.: Leah Warshawski, Todd Soliday
| 93 minutes

Diminutive and colorful 91-year-old Sonia has been running her tailor shop for over 30 years. Sonia is also known as Kansas City’s only Holocaust survivor to speak publicly about her experiences. When she’s served an eviction notice, Sonia is faced with some difficult decisions. 

Block 13

Dir.: Ofir Peretz
| 25 minutes

Yom Kippur eve. Keren HaYesod Street lies in sacred silence, but David, a religious Jewish boy, is in turmoil. On the holiest night of the Hebrew year, he sets out on a journey to restore his waning faith in God.

Call Me by Your Name

Dir.: Luca Guadagnino
| 131 minutes

Italy, 1980s. When 17-year-old Elio meets Oliver, unfamiliar feelings begin to surface and the two form a passionate relationship. A masterful and moving cinematic adaptation of André Aciman’s novel, which has received exceptional accolades. 


Dir.: Kantemir Balagov
| 118 minutes

1998, Nalchik, Russia. When David and his fiancée are kidnapped, the whole family is thrown into turmoil; especially his 24-year-old sister Ilana, who might just have to pay the highest price for her brother’s freedom. A hauntingly evocative film, shedding light upon a family under crisis.

Darkest Hour

Dir.: Joe Wright
| 125 minutes

The film follows Winston Churchill’s first four weeks as Prime Minister in 1940 – the Darkest Hour, with the Second World War raging and Europe’s future at stake. Churchill (masterfully portrayed by Gary Oldman) endures the toughest tests of his leadership.


Dir.: Etienne Comar
| 117 minutes

German occupied Paris. Guitarist and composer Django Reinhardt, king of the ethereal ‘gypsy swing, is at the height of his career. Meanwhile, the Romany people are persecuted. His life takes a turn when the Nazi propaganda machine wants to send him on tour in Germany. 

A Foreign Affair

Dir.: Billy Wilder
| 116 minutes

Great Wilder comedy has Jean Arthur sent to Berlin to investigate post WWII conditions. She finds romance instead and competition from the sultry Dietrich. 

The Heir

Dir.: Édith Jorisch
| 55 minutes

The incredible hidden story of the director’s grandfather, Georges Jorisch, whose intellectual Viennese family was the owners of two Klimts stolen by the Nazis. 70 years later, he sets out to recover the stolen paintings.  

House of Z

Dir.: Sandy Chronopoulos
| 87 minutes

One the most recognizable faces in modern fashion, Zac Pozen has a unique aesthetic style. But like any journey, great success hasn't come without cost. A portrait of an artist as a young man, an insider’s view of the ups and downs of the fashion industry. 

The Invisibles

Dir.: Claus Räfle
| 110 minutes

In June 1943, Germany infamously declared Berlin “free of Jews.” But there were still 7,000 Jews living in Berlin in hiding, sometimes protected by courageous Berliners. The Invisibles tells the stories of four of these survivors and their unique experiences.

Iron Dome - Season 2

Created by: Yoav Shutan-Goshen, Ayelet Shutan-Goshen, Avner Bernheimer, Raya Shuster | Dir.: Alon Zingman
| 80 minutes

This drama series presents soldiers of different religious affiliations who join the Haredi Nahal battalion and their struggle in the IDF. The series offers the viewers an inside look into the Haredi world, while showing how the familiar IDF is changed. 


Created by: Arik Bernstein, Eliav Lilti | Dir.: Eliav Lilti
| 87 minutes

Kishon is one of the greatest Israeli writers, who published dozens of columns, books, plays and filmד. But he never wrote his own biography. Kishon uses animation, intimate interviews, and archival footage to bring Kishon ‘back to life'. 

The Last Suit

Dir.: Pablo Solárz
| 86 minutes

88-year-old Abraham Bursztein made a promise. At the end of WWII, a friend saved his life and Abraham promised to return one day to recount his tale of survival. Seven decades later, Abraham decides that the moment has come. Emotion and humor interlace in this moving film. 

Libya – The Last Exodus

A film by Ruggero Gabbai, David Meghnagi | Dir.: Ruggero Gabbai
| 65 minutes

A moving portrait of the thriving Jewish community that once resided in Libya. From Italian colonization, through foreign domination, and delicate cohabitation with the local population, the film depicts the life of the Jews of Libya before they were forced to leave and never come back. 

Love is Thicker than Water

Dir.: Emily Harris, Ate de Jong
| 101 minutes

The love of Vida, a wealthy Jewish cellist, and Arthur, a working-class bike courier, is as passionate as it is uncompromisingly truthful. When they meet each other’s families, their relationship is put to the test. A modern-day retelling of Romeo and Juliet. 

Man / Bird

Dir.: Rotem Moav
| 54 minutes

David has found an unlikely way to deal with the loss of his wife. after her passing, a white dove appeared at his apartment and refused to leave. They strung an unusual relationship which made him and his four children re-examine their beliefs. An inspiring story of an extraordinary person with one special bird.  


Dir.: Reginald Hudlin
| 118 minutes

In 1941, Thurgood Marshall is assigned to defend a black chauffeur charged with the sexual assault and attempted murder of his white employer. In need of a high-profile victory, Marshall is joined by Samuel Friedman, a young Jewish lawyer with no experience. 

Memoir of Pain

Dir.: Emmanuel Finkiel
| 126 minutes

Emmanuel Finkiel based this excellent film on Marguerite Duras’s semi-autobiographical texts about the last days of the occupation and the liberation of Paris. Finkiel creates a thoroughly sensual world through cinematography, editing, soundtrack and the extraordinary presence of Mélanie Thierry. 

The Menten Affair

Dir.: Tim Oliehoek
| 142 minutes

The riveting story of investigative journalist Hans Knoop and his courageous pursuit of the biggest war criminal in the Netherlands, multimillionaire Pieter Menten. Knoop pursues the truth about the ex-Nazi’s past, but Menten refuses to go down without a fight…