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Dir.: Bruno Chiche
| 96 minutes

Denis Dumar follows in his father's footsteps and becomes the conductor of a renowned orchestra. When a case of mistaken identity happens, the tensions accumulated throughout their lives erupt. Bruno Chiche presents a melodrama about parenthood, recognition, and success.  


Dir.: Todd Field
| 158 minutes

Lydia Tár is widely considered one of the greatest living composer-conductors. At the summit, every step may lead to her downfall, and the pressures of her life pile up. “One of the boldest and most exciting new American movies I’ve seen in years” (IndieWire). 

My Neighbor Adolf

Dir.: Leon Prudovsky
| 96 minutes

1960. Polsky, a lonely and grumpy Holocaust survivor, lives in the remote Colombian countryside. When a mysterious old German man moves in next-door, he suspects that his new neighbor is... Adolf Hitler. Polsky is forced to engage in a relationship with the enemy in order to obtain irrefutable proof…. 

The Whale

Dir.: Darren Aronofsky
| 117 minutes

Charlie, an obese man that cannot leave his house, tries to reconnect with his estranged daughter when his medical condition deteriorates. The suggestive script and Brendan Fraser's Oscar-awarded performance transform The Whale into "a deeply empathic and touching experience" (Time Out).

Saint Omer

Dir.: Alice Diop
| 122 minutes

A Senegalese immigrant accused of killing her baby girl confesses but claims she was not responsible. The trial presents testimonies that expand the boundaries of the story and the possibility for interpretation and judgment. Saint Omer is "a film of vast reach and great complexity" (New Yorker).

The Banshees of Inisherin

Dir.: Martin McDonagh
| 114 minutes

1923, the island of Innshine, off the coast of Ireland. Padraic's life unravels when his dearest friend decides to cut ties with him. A hard-hitting drama, with brilliant writing and outstanding performances, exploring friendship, loyalty, and the brittleness of the male ego.