Friday | 31.03.23

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Bardo, False Chronicle of a Handful of Truths

Dir.: Alejandro González Iñárritu
| 159 minutes

A documentarian retunes to Mexico to receive an achievement award. The reunion with his homeland, friends, and family leads to a journey of memories and delusions, forcing him to confront his worst fears. An impressive epic about an artist in crisis who seeks (and is not sure to find) redemption.

Rumba Therapy

Dir.: Franck Dubosc
| 103 minutes

A macho middle-aged bus driver faces a crisis as a sudden heart attack throws him into a tailspin, and decides to enroll in his estranged daughter’s dancing classes. Treading between the comical and the sentimental, Franck Dubosc presents a heartening comedy.  

Tokyo Shaking

Dir.: Olivier Peyon
| 101 minutes

A massive earthquake hits Japan leading to the Fukushima disaster. The community of foreign residents in Tokyo is washed away by the wave of chaos and anxiety; among them is a young French executive that struggles to find a measure of humanity amidst the chaos.

Best Sellers

Dir.: Lina Roessler
| 101 minutes

To save the publishing house she inherited, Lucy has to persuade one-time best-seller author, Harris Shaw, to fulfill his contract and publish a second book. The two embark on a promotional tour that will bring them face-to-face with a new generation of readers.

Our Time

Dir.: Roschdy Zem
| 85 minutes

Family dynamics change when the stable and reliable brother falls and is injured. Every scene and interaction feel familiar - the fights. The love, the nonsense - and together we will laugh, shed a tear, get irritated, and hurt.

After Love

Dir.: Aleem Khan
| 89 minutes

After the sudden death of her husband, Muslim convert Mary Hussain discovers he led a double life. Hoping to find answers to her shattered life, she travels to Calais to confront the other woman. There she will learn a thing or two about herself.  

Good Luck to You, Leo Grande

Dir.: Sophie Hyde
| 97 minutes

A widower reaches out to a sex worker to have a fulfilling sexual experience, only to find in him comfort and understanding.  An earnest drama that is full of humor that has captured audiences around the world. 


Dir.: Maor Zaguri
| 120 minutes

This impressive, intense, and dense debut film is a coming-of-age story of a teenager discovering his sexuality. Set against the backdrop of desert landscapes, a family crisis, and unfulfilled fantasies, Maor Zaguri captures the tension between sex and death.

Nowhere Special

Dir.: Uberto Pasolini
| 96 minutes

John is a single father to a 4-year-old Michal. When he discovers he only has a few months to live, he embarks, together with his son, on a journey to find Michal a new home. With its captivating performance, Nowhere Special plays on the heartstrings.

Say Cheese

Dir.: François Uzan
| 95 minutes

On the verge of separation, Thierry convinces his wife to go on one last family vacation, back to the best vacation they ever had in Greece, back in 1998. Hopefully, the nostalgia will persuade his wife not to leave.