Monthly Screenings

LiaFest 2022

Opening remarks and greetings


Dir.: Johan Skog
| 95 minutes

Emma dreams of becoming a fashion model and asks Pär Johansson and the Glada Hudik-theatre for help. An unattainable dream for most, especially if you have a disability. Together with a group of unusual models, they begin a bewildering journey.

Prior to the screening, lecture (in Heb.): Prof. Eva Illouz

All Eyes Off Me

Dir.: Hadas Ben-Aroya
| 90 minutes

Danny is looking for Max at a party to let him know that she’s pregnant with his child. But Max just started a new relationship with Avishag and is trying fulfill her rough sexual fantasies. Truth is, Avishag actually has someone else in mind.

Ciné première

Anaïs in Love

Dir.: Charline Bourgeois-Tacquet
| 98 minutes

Anaïs' life is at a standstill. But when she meets an older publisher and his longtime partner, a brilliant and luminescent novelist, life will take an unexpected turn. Bourgeois-Tacquet debut film is a sweet romantic comedy that will capture your heart.

Preview Screening

The Braves

Dir.: Anaïs Volpé
| 99 minutes

Margot and Alma are two best friends with a tremendous zest for life. They are ready to conquer the stage and the world, until reality gets in the way. Their strong friendship can seemingly get them through anything – the show must go on.


Dir.: Nine Antico
| 86 minutes

Sophie just found out she landed that job with a famous Parisian publisher. Her dream? Not exactly. When she tells her boyfriend Jean that she is pregnant, everything explodes. A witty drama-comedy that presents an ironic but heartfelt portrait today’s generation.

An Evening in Memory of Cinematheque founder, Lia van Leer / Preview Screening

Parallel Mothers

Dir.: Pedro Almodóvar
| 123 minutes

Two women, who are about to become single mothers and meet in the delivery room, form an everlasting bond. With a magnificent performance by the cast, spectacular cinematography and aesthetics, and a Hitchcockian soundtrack, the result "is a movie of infinite tenderness" (Time Magazine).

Preview Screening

After Love

Dir.: Aleem Khan
| 89 minutes

After the sudden death of her husband, Muslim convert Mary Hussain discovers he led a double life. Hoping to find answers to her shattered life, she travels to Calais to confront the other woman. There she will learn a thing or two about herself.  

Black Notebooks

Dir.: Shlomi Elkabetz
| 208 minutes

A man learns from a Moroccan fortune-teller that his sister is about to die. Together, they embark upon a fictional journey in an attempt to alter the prediction, revisiting the past and the present to defy an implacable future. But the prophecy still shadows them - as in life, so in cinema. Black Notebooks – Viviane, 100 min.; Black Notebooks – Ronit, 108 min.

Prior to the screening, lecture (in Heb.): Sharon Balaban, Video artist, Head of Video studies at the The Screen Based Arts Department at The Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, Jerusalem

Land of Dreams

Dir.: Shirin Neshat, Shoja Azari
| 113 minutes

As American borders close down, the daughter of Iranian exiles works as a dream catcher for the Census Bureau. What at first seems a whimsical mission is revealed as a plot to control the populace. Land of Dreams offers an intriguing exploration of identity, immigration, and freedom.

Join us for a festive Sing-Along screening of the modern classic Disney film Frozen, where you can sing and dance to Let It Go, Do You Want to Build a Snowman, Into the Unknown and other unforgettable songs from the iconic movie.

Frozen - Sing-Along

Dir.: Chris Buck, Jennifer Lee
| 108 minutes

Anna, a fearless optimist, embarks on an epic journey, where she will encounter mystical creatures and magic, to find her sister, the Snow Queen, and save the kingdom from eternal winter. With its inspiring and addictive songs, unforgettable characters, and a story that captures the imagination, Frozen is one of Disney's greatest hits.