Thursday | 01.10.20

Monthly Screenings

French Film Festival 2019

Every year the Festival organizers bring a diverse selection of films to a screen near you, from films that have reached artistic and commercial success throughout the year to some of the new releases. 

Lola and her Brothers

Dir.: Jean-Paul Rouve
| 105 minutes

Lola, Benoit and Pierre are siblings, who have had to rely on each other, since they lost their parents at a young age. But now, it seems each is going on their own path, Will they find the way back to each other?  


Dir.: Jeanne Herry
| 107 minutes

The fate and future of baby Theo is entrusted to the Child Welfare Council. Until a permanent solution is found, the temporary responsibility for his treatment is transferred to Jean, a social worker, and his family. Pupille is an intense drama that is destined to capture your heart. 

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Wednesday 04.11.20
Cinematheque 2
Cinematheque 2
2020-11-04 20:00:00 2020-11-04 22:30:00 Asia/Jerusalem Silence and Words: What Do Babies Understand? <p>Speaker (in Heb.): Dr. Iris Zadok</p> Cinematheque Jerusalem Cinematheque
Silence and Words: What Do Babies Understand?

Double Feature – Catherine Deneuve

18:30 Cherbourg Umbrellas Jacques Demy’s film is a story about the nature of romantic fantasy and role playing games that take place within it. | 20:30 Claire Darling It is the first day of summer, and Claire Darling is convinced it is her last day. So she decided to sale all her belongings. Every item echoes memories of a life laden with experiences.

In Memory of Lia van Leer

Screening in the presence of director Gilles Lellouche and producers Alain Attal and Hugo Selignac

Sink or Swim

Dir.: Gilles Lellouche
| 118 minutes

A group of middle-aged men decides to establish an all-male synchronized swimming team. The demanding training is nothing compared to the challenges of life. “A surefooted crowd-pleaser with enough warmth and the committed talents of a stellar ensemble cast” (Screen International).

Photo de famille

Dir.: Cécilia Rouaud
| 98 minutes

Three siblings reunite at their grandfather’s funeral. They have never gotten along, but now they will have to join forces and decide what to do with their grandmother. With a superb cast and delicate storyline, Photo de famille is a comical drama worthy of attention.

L’amour flou

Dir.: Romane Bohringer, Philippe Rebbot
| 97 minutes

Romane and Philippe separate after 10 years, two kids, and a dog. Though they are no longer in love, they still greatly love each other. Romane Bohringer and Philippe Rebbot present their personal story through a documentary-like cinematic experience that creates a heartfelt comedy.

The Guardians

Dir.: Xavier Beauvois
| 134 minutes

In 1915, while the men are away on the frontline, Hortense and her daughter take on the farm work and hire the young Francine to help with the load. The bond between Francine and the family will tighten, but blood is always thicker than water….

Through the Fire

Dir.: Frédéric Tellier
| 116 minutes

Franck is a dedicated Parisian firefighter. When he is seriously injured in the line of duty, Franck will have to rebuild his life and face physical and mental challenges. Through the Fire offers a portrait of survival and rehabilitation that packs an emotional punch.

Pepe Le Moko

Dir.: Julien Duvivier
| 93 minutes

Pepe Le Moko, a Parisian gangster living in Algiers’ Casba to avoid the police, falls for the mistress of a fat tourist and forms a new myth: the modern romantic tragedy.

Paris nous appartient

Dir.: Jacques Rivette
| 140 minutes

A group of young amateurs come together in Paris, deserted because of the summer, to stage a performance of Shakespeare’s Pericles.