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Double Spielberg

Steven Spielberg's sci-fi double feature. Two Films, One Tickets in collaboration with Fish Eye, which will include a short quiz about the director's films in between the films.

E. T. – The Extra Terrestrial | Close Encounters of the Third Kind

E. T. – The Extra Terrestrial - The story of the friendship between a 10-year-old boy and a remarkable creature from another planet who has been stranded on earth. A warm, touching, magical, and exhilarating film | Close Encounters of the Third Kind -  With mesmerizing cinematic momentum, a spectacular soundtrack, and some of the most unforgettable imagery ever presented on screen, this is a film for the ages  

Shrek 2

Dir.: Andrew Adamson, Kelly Asbury, Conard Vernon
| 92 minutes

Shrek 2 begins where the first one left off. After their honeymoon, Shrek and Fiona make their way to visit her parents in a far faraway land. They, needless to say, are shocked by their daughter's transformation, and also at the greenness of her husband.


Dir.: Christopher Nolan
| 113 minutes

Leonard has no short-term memory; all he knows is that he must avenge the rape and murder of his beloved wife. Memento is a brilliant thriller with a non-linear script that lithely moves between different times, a brazen use of the camera, and tremendous performances.

Blow Out

Dir.: Brian De Palma
| 107 minutes

A sound recorder accidentally captures an accident on his recording device. His investigation leads him on a conspiracy that complicates his life. A hypnotic homage to Blow-Out that will leave you out of breath.

Double Feature: Friday the 13th

Tim Burton's Corpse Bride | The Ring

Tim Burton's Corpse Bride - When a groom-to-be accidentally weds a deceased bride, he is swept into the world of the dead and discovers a rather cheerful place. Tim Burton wraps this romantic plot with his hallmark touch of macabre, a sprinkling of evil, visual perfection, and an abundance of humor | The Ring - After her niece dies following a mysterious videotape, a journalist investigates whether an urban legend has validity. The American adaptation of the Japanese horror flick manages to keep the suspense of the original and spice it up with tributes to the genre.

You Don't Mess With the Zohan

Dir.: Dennis Dugan
| 113 minutes

A Mossad agent and his former nemesis have to work together against a shared threat.  This is an unapologetic satire that turns the Israeli-Palestinian conflict into a comedy devoid of political correctness and laden with effective physical humor.

Double Feature

Imagination at War

Jojo Rabbit | Pan’s Labyrinth

Jojo Rabbit - Jojo aspires to be an upstanding member of the Hitler Youth and Adolf H. is his imaginary friend. But when he discovers a Jewish girl hiding in his house, Jojo will have to face who he truly is. A surprising film full of twists and turns | Pan’s Labyrinth - Spain 1944. Ten-year-old Ofelia ventures into a secret world; where she is sent on three gruesome tasks. If she succeeds, she will return home a hero. 


Dir.: Henry Selick
| 100 minutes

With her parents busy at work and no one to talk to beside her cat, Coraline Jones feels rather lonely. Suddenly, a mysterious door opens that leads her to an alternative version of her life, only things seem slightly better…. 

Scott Pilgrim vs. the World

Dir.: Edgar Wright
| 112 minutes

Scott Pilgrim has a perfect life. But then he falls heads-over-heels for Ramona Flowers, but she has baggage: seven evil ex-boyfriends. Now, he must fight against them all to win Ramona's heart. An innovative romantic comedy which plays out as a computer game - effects and sounds in tow - but with plenty of heart.

Girl, Interrupted

Dir.: James Mangold
| 120 minutes

A confused high school graduate commits herself to a mental institute. In her two-year stunt, she will try to keep her sanity and help her new friends overcome their troubles. This heartfelt portrait of young women in crisis, is still as relevant as ever. 

Forrest Gump

Dir.: Robert Zemeckis
| 142 minutes

A Capraesque fable about a pure, good-hearted Southerner with an IQ of 57, and what happens when he's thrust into a series of history-making situations. Zemeckis present a cinematic experience that plays on the heart and mind.

Princess Mononoke

Dir.: Hayao Miyazaki
| 133 minutes

On a journey to find the cure for a curse, Ashitaka finds himself in the middle of a war between the forest creatures and Tataraba, ruled by Princess Mononoke. Innovative, spectacular, majestic, and creative, are but a few of the words to describe this masterpiece. 

The Cable Guy

Dir.: Ben Stiller
| 96 minutes

Chip, the cable guy, takes Steven's kindness for friendship and inserts himself into his life even after he is asked to leave. With Jim Carrey's boundless energy and Ben Stiller in the director’s chair comes this epic comedy.

Barton Fink

Dir.: Joel Coen
| 116 minutes

Barton Fink is a young playwright in New York in 1941. After becoming famous overnight with a play about ordinary people, he is invited to Hollywood to write scripts. With spectacular visual means, the Coen brothers present a harsh indictment of the Hollywood film industry.


Dir.: Jean-Pierre Jeunet
| 122 minutes

This most pleasant and enormously successful French romantic fantasy follows Amelie, a young Parisian woman with an odd upbringing and a sweet disposition, as she decides to make the lives of the people around her a little bit better.

Fight Club

Dir.: David Fincher
| 140 minutes

After meeting the eccentric Tyler Durden, a yuppie finds a unique way to treat his insomnia. Exploring the crisis of masculinity and where western culture is heading, Fight Club is a staple of sophisticated cinema that leaves viewers in constant and challenging pursuit of plot twists.

Blue Velvet

Dir.: David Lynch
| 120 minutes

A naive college student finds a human ear crawling with ants. He takes it to the police and his curiosity exposes him to the bizarre world of crime, perversion, and eroticism lurking under the surface of his small American town. 


Dir.: Matthew Vaughn
| 117 minutes

An average teenager decides to take his obsession with comic books as inspiration to become a real-life superhero. When he meets a pair of crazed vigilantes, his life changes forever. Kick-Ass is a twisted, funny, and high-octane adventure.

The Matrix

Dir.: Lilly Wachowski, Lana Wachowski
| 136 minutes

A computer hacker has to save the world from a computer regime, with the assistance of a band of truth-seeking rebels. The Wachowski sisters masterful and groundbreaking work is futuristic work boasting a tight script, narrative elaborations, and scenes that are choreographed to perfection.

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

Dir.: Michel Gondry
| 108 minutes

After a failed relationship, Clementine decides to erase her feelings for Joel. He, too, tries to get rid of his emotions, but his process is not as successful. Michel Gondry finds the perfect visual language to translate Charlie Kaufman's screenplay into an unforgettable romantic comedy. 

Run Lola Run

Dir.: Tom Tykwer
| 82 minutes

Lola has 20 minutes to raise a large amount of money to save the life of her boyfriend, who has gotten mixed up in a drug deal. The plot splits into three optional outcomes. Run Lola Run is a fast-paced and clever thriller. 


Dir.: Spike Jonze
| 126 minutes

After a painful breakup, Theodore finds comfort with Samantha, his newly purchased operating system that arranges his life and captures his heart. Spike Jonze’s new masterpiece offers a sober observation of the near future. 

Inside Llewyn Davis

Dir.: Ethan and Joel Coen
| 105 minutes

With a sharp narrative and cinematic language, Inside Llewyn Davis presents the story of a singer-song writer that tries to find his place in New York’s music scene of the 1960s.