Tuesday | 23.04.24

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The 12th Anthropological Film Festival

The Jerusalem Cinematheque, together with the Department of Sociology and Anthropology at the Hebrew University, are working to promote documentary films with ethnographic orientation. These films use cinematic techniques in order to demonstrate the complexity and difficulties of the lives of individuals and communities around the world, the relationship between the human and non-human, and the social political and financial aspects of these relationships.

The screenings are accompanied by lectures and talks.

Come join us, come and be part of the world we live in.

My Name Is Charity

Dir.: Floriane Devigne
| 78 minutes

A women trafficking network fraudulently brought Charity from Nigeria to Nantes in France. For five years she was forced to work under duress in the sex industry. The film follows Charity and her lawyers who set out to seek justice, compensation, and reparation.

The Invention of the Other

Dir.: Bruno Jorge
| 144 minutes

In 2019, the Brazilian government coordinates the largest and riskiest expedition of the last decades into the Amazon rainforest to search for a group of isolated indigenous people. The film, which offers jaw-dropping encounters and scenes, is a thrilling, stirring, and heart-rending work.

Speaker (in Heb.): Prof. Liora Sarfati

Girl Who Dreams About Time

Dir.: Hyuck-jee Park
| 111 minutes

Teenage Sujin, a shaman, is at a pinnacle point in her life. Will she choose higher education or continue her family's traditions of taking care of the needs of the gods in the family temple and the heartaches of those seeking their services.

Opening Event

Greetings, followed by a karate showcase, featuring the traditional Japanese martial art by the Jerusalem karate club, "Shotokan Jerusalem"

Into the Shaolin

Dir.: Hongyun Sun
| 92 minutes

On the peak of a mountain in north-central China stands the Shaolin Monastery, considered the birthplace Chinese Chan and Kung Fu. With spectacular Kung Fu sequences, captivating characters, and meditative moments, the film follows the daily lives of the monastery's students and monks.

Speaker (in Heb.): Dr. Rotem Geva

The Golden Thread

Dir.: Nishtha Jain
| 86 minutes

Outside Kolkata, a few jute mills crank on, virtually unchanged since the industrial revolution. Powered by steam and sweat, work is a dance to the dictate of profit and century-old machines. The Golden Thread follows the weft and warp of jute work.

Speaker (in Heb.): Shahar Shiloach


Dir.: Dominique Chaumont
| 75 minutes

On the slopes of the Andes in Argentina, Don Arturo wants to continue the tradition of the gauchos. Veranada opens a window into the fascinating life of today's cowboys offering a meditative portrait of a place and a community that lives between fear and hope.

Speaker (in Heb.): Yaara Sadetzki

Lynx Man

Dir.: Juha Suonpää
| 80 minutes

Hannu sets up cameras in the woods outside his land in West Finland, hoping to meet a family of lynxes. The cameras become part of the nature and wildlife, while Hannu creates an intimate environment with his co-habitats.

Speaker (in Heb.): Dr. Tamar Berger

The Hill

Dir.: Denis Gheerbrant, Lina Tsrimova
| 79 minutes

A giant landfill in Kyrgyzstan is an arena teeming with life and death. The hill is neither a village nor a steppe, you will not find it on a map; it is a source of livelihood, a place to live, a sanctuary for outcasts.

No Winter Holidays

Dir.: Rajan Kathet, Sunir Pandey
| 79 minutes

Ratima and Kalima experience 100 cold and snowy days alone in the mountain village of Napal. The two old women, guarding the houses and property while the rest of the inhabitants and animals migrated south for the winter, form their own bubble of existence.

The Cinema of Artavazd Pelechian

An Armenian film poet, Pelechian's cinematography and montage are breathtaking; the raw materials become in his sensitive lens a song of life, death, and renewal. Screening of Vie, Seasons, Fin and conversation (in Heb.)
Following the screening, conversation (via Zoom) with director Jorge Bodanzky

Amazon, the New Minamata?

Dir.: Jorge Bodanzky
| 70 minutes

The process of gold mining in the Amazon causes mercury to enter the drinking water of the Munduruku people. Local activists and medical researchers join forces to deal with the sources of pollution and to ensure the future of the younger generation and preservation of their heritage.

Speaker (in Heb.): Gil Sassovar


Dir.: Benjamin Colaux
| 97 minutes

Where the Atlantic meets the Pacific, seamen seek livelihood and continue masculine traditions far from home and close to danger. With spectacular black-and-white cinematography, the film transports the viewer into a familiar but unpredictable world, leading us through an exhilarating existential journey.

Speaker (in Heb.): Dr. Naama Morg

A Golden Life

Dir.: Boubacar Sangare
| 83 minutes

In Burkina Faso, in the gold-digging site of Bantara, Rasmané, 16 years old, descends more than 100 meters deep in artisanal mines to extract gold. Anxious about accidents, Rasmané makes his way in this world of fierce adults, hoping to, one day, become emancipated…

Twice Colonized

Dir.: Lin Alluna
| 92 minutes

Renowned Inuit lawyer Aaju Peter has led a lifelong fight for the rights of her people. When her son suddenly dies, Aaju embarks on a journey to reclaim her language and culture after a lifetime of whitewashing and forced assimilation. But is it possible to change the world and mend your own wounds at the same time?


Dir.: Xun Sero
| 80 minutes

Mother Earth or Our Lady of Guadalupe are superheroines in Mayan culture. Sacred and strong women in the cultural sphere. But in the director's private sphere is his actual mother. Sero seeks to settle the tensions between devotion and reality and bridge the gaps between them. 

The Gamer

Dir.: Petri Luukkainen, Jesse Jokinen
| 80 minutes

Bona is a high schooler in Finland who is also a gifted gamer. The film follows Bona as he deals with the pressures of being a professional player, from visits to a sports psychologist to the reality of a competitive world, full of tensions, failures, and elation.