Thursday | 09.02.23

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Monday | 21.11.22 to Friday | 31.12.32
Saturday 31.12.22 | 21:00

A young American, who wants to join the Vietnam War, meets on the eve of his enlistment a group of New York hippies and is swept into the world of freedom, drugs, and nudity. an excellent musical which brings back the atmosphere of the Sixties.

Tuesday | 22.11.22 to Friday | 31.12.32
Saturday 24.12.22 | 21:00

Bruce Willis plays a New York cop who travels to the West Coast to meet with his estranged wife and ends up single-handedly taking on a gang of terrorists. Die Hard is the perfect action film, full of energy, fast paced, and full of humor. 

Wednesday | 23.11.22 to Friday | 31.12.32
Tuesday | 22.11.22 to Friday | 31.12.32

Renée Fleming makes her return to the Met in the world-premiere production of Pulitzer Prize–winning composer Kevin Puts’s The Hours, adapted from Michael Cunningham’s acclaimed novel. The powerful story follows three women from different eras who each grapple with their inner demons and their roles in society. 

Tuesday | 22.11.22 to Tuesday | 30.11.32

The legendary family-run Hotel Messina on the Italian Riveria has been visited by artists, celebrities and royalty. But when the owner’s daughter weds a dashing young soldier, not all guests are in the mood for love. Shakespeare’s iconic play of sun, sea and mistaken identity is an irresistible romantic comedy

Tuesday | 15.11.22 to Wednesday | 17.11.32
Tuesday | 22.11.22 to Tuesday | 30.11.32
Tuesday | 15.11.22 to Tuesday | 30.11.32
Tuesday | 22.11.22 to Tuesday | 30.11.32
Wednesday | 09.11.22 to Tuesday | 30.11.32
Wednesday | 02.11.22 to Tuesday | 30.11.32