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All Quiet on the Western Front

Dir.: Edward Berger
| 148 minutes

The enthusiasm of a group of young comrades who enlist near the end of WWI quickly encounters the bloody reality of the front. This adaptation of the classic novel offers a cinematic spectacle that brings to the screen images stunning in their beauty and cruelty.

Farewell, Mr. Haffmann

Dir.: Fred Cavayé
| 115 minutes

Paris, 1940. A Jewish jewelry store owner offers his employee to manage the store while he himself hides in the basement. The role reversal, gives rise to a power play that tests the moral backbone of its participants. A heart-stopping psychological thriller.

See How They Run

Dir.: Tom George
| 96 minutes

London, 1950s. Someone is murdered at the Ambassador Hotel, just as the creators of the iconic play The Mouse Trap, written by Agatha Christie, are hosting a party. Thus begins an entertaining and shrewd mystery within a mystery. 


Dir.: David O. Russell
| 134 minutes

Three WWI veterans spend the 1920s in Amsterdam. They meet again in the next decade in the US, as plot twists lead them to track down a conspiracy to overthrow President Roosevelt. With an abundance of A-listers and Russell’s cinematic genius, Amsterdam is a kaleidoscopic of eccentric characters, meandering stories, and aesthetic brilliance.

To Leslie

Dir.: Michael Morris
| 119 minutes

In a style reminiscent of the best independent American cinema of the 1970s, To Leslie is a drama that follows a woman's attempts to redeem her life after spending the money she won in the lottery and the compassion given to her by her loved ones.


Dir.: Frances O'Connor
| 130 minutes

Emily Brontë, a rebel and misfit, relays what inspired her brilliant masterpiece Wuthering Heights. Thus the plot goes back to pinnacle points in her life, bringing to the surface an exhilarating life story. “A stark and plaintive elegy for the best of all Brontës” (Times).