Friday | 14.06.24

Monthly Screenings

International Competition 2018


Dir.: Alexey German Jr.
| 126 minutes

Six days in the life of the brilliant, ironic writer Sergei Dovlatov who saw far beyond the rigid limits of 1970s USSR. Together with Joseph Brodsky, he fought to preserve his own talent and integrity while seeing their artist friends getting crushed by the iron-willed state machinery. 

Fig Tree

Dir.: Alam-Warque Davidian
| 93 minutes

Civil-war-torn Ethiopia. Mina is trying to navigate between a reality dictated by war and the last days of youth with her boyfriend Eli. When she discovers that her family is planning to immigrate to Israel, she weaves a plan to save Eli. 

Murer - Anatomy of a Trial

Dir.: Christian Frosch
| 137 minutes

Franz Murer, a well-respected local politician is accused of having committed war crimes in the Vilnius ghetto. The survivors leave little doubt as to Murer’s guilt. The Ministry of Justice eventually reaches a decision. The result is one of the greatest scandals of the Austrian justice system. 

Never Look Away

Dir.: Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck
| 188 minutes

A powerful sweeping drama, inspired by the early life and career of renowned artist Gerhard Richter and spanning three eras of German history. Never Look Away, follows Kurt Barnert through his traumatic childhood in Nazi Germany, student life in the GDR, and realization as an artist.  


Dir.: Nabil Ayouch
| 120 minutes

Casablanca, Morocco, past and present. Five people, of different religious and social backgrounds, intercept in this kaleidoscopic drama as they are pushed to the fringes by the extremist government. An honest and deeply humanistic portrait of contemporary Morocco. 

Simon & Theodore

Dir.: Mikael Buch
| 84 minutes

Simon has just been released from a psychiatric hospital and is about to become a father. His wife is not convinced that he is ready. Enter Théodore, an endearing and cantankerous teen, who will give Simon the chance to reflect upon his imminent fatherhood and seriously upend his insecurities. 


Dir.: Konstantin Khabenskiy
| 110 minutes

With nothing to lose, the prisoners of camp Sobibor - led by Alexander Pechersky, carried out the only successful revolt in the history of the death camps. Based on factual events, this dramatic film tells an extraordinary true story of heroism and resistance of the human spirit.