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International Competition Schoumann Award for Jewish Cinema

A Fortunate Man

Dir.: Billy August
| 168 minutes

Per, a talented young engineering student, rejects his strict Lutheran upbringing in Denmark of the 1880s. He is welcomed by a wealthy Jewish family and secures their patronage as well as the love of their eldest daughter. Despite his luck and success, Per teeters between triumph and catastrophe. 

A Hidden Life

Dir.: Terrence Malick
| 173 minutes

The true story of unsung hero Franz Jägerstätter, who refused to take the oath of allegiance to Hitler. Jägerstätter continued to stand up for his beliefs and was executed for it. Visionary writer and director Terrence Malick returns with an exquisite epic work.

An Irrepressible Woman

Dir.: Laurent Heynemann
| 105 minutes

Inspired by Jewish French socialist politician and three-time Prime Minister, Léon Blum and his love affair with Janot Reichenbach. When they could finally be together, the Nazis arrived in France and Janot gave up her comfortable life to link her destiny to that of Léon Blum.

Dolce Fine Giornata

Dir.: Jacek Borcuch
| 90 minutes

Maria Linde is a Jewish Nobel Prize winner of Polish origin residing in Italy. After a terrorist attack in Rome, Maria boldly decries Europe’s eroding democracy—but she is unprepared for the havoc her comments create. An elegant and heartbreaking film.

The Diary of Diana B.

Dir.: Dana Budisavljević
| 88 minutes

Eighty years after WWII, survivors return to the sites of former Ustasha camps only to find that they owe their lives to the selflessness and determination of one woman. This captivating and sophisticated docu-drama is the untold story of Austrian born Diana Budisavljević.

The Specials

Dir.: Olivier Nakache, Éric Toledano
| 114 minutes

Bruno runs a home for youth on the spectrum, while Malik runs an organization that trains teens from disadvantaged neighborhoods to care for these children. Against all odds, the two are determined to give the children a chance in the world. An exciting drama with a comic touch and a lot of heart.

Those Who Remained

Dir.: Barnabás Tóth
| 88 minutes

A special bond forms between 42-year-old camp survivor Aldo, who lives a solitary life in Budapest, and 16-year-old Klara, who is holding on to hope that her parents will return. A lyrical film on the healing power of love in the midst of loss and trauma.

When Hitler Stole Pink Rabbit

Dir.: Caroline Link
| 110 minutes

It is 1933 and Hitler is about to take power. On the night of the elections, Anna’s family hastily flees Germany, leaving her pink rabbit behind. From now on, Anna encounters life in exile. When her family must move again, she is certain she can do anything. A beautiful tribute to a lost childhood.