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Interfaith Cinema 2018

Boy Erased

Dir.: Joel Edgerton
| 114 minutes

The son of a Baptist pastor in a small American town, who is ousted to his parents, is faced with an ultimatum: attend a conversion therapy program – or be permanently shunned. An emotional coming-of-age and coming out drama about a young man’s journey to self-acceptance. 

City of Joel

Dir.: Jesse Sweet
| 90 minutes

Kiryas Joel is a modern shtetl in the small town of Monroe, New Jersey. Its Hassidic residents have lived harmoniously with their neighbors, but a recent request to annex a plot of land that would double the size of the ultra-Orthodox neighborhood prompts a campaign against them. 

Ink of Yam

Dir.: Tom Fröhlich
| 75 minutes

Poko Chaim and Daniel Bulitchev, two Russian tattoo artists, have created a unique space in Jerusalem, a tattoo studio open to everyone, regardless of religious or national background. Here, they eternalize the stories of the city’s inhabitants - the ink beneath their skin connects them all. 

The Last Refugees

Dir.: Tanaz Eshaghian
| 40 minutes

The Kalaji family, from Aleppo, Syria, makes the arduous journey toward a new life in Philadelphia.  We learn that HIAS – the organization founded in 1881 to assist Jews fleeing pogroms – now welcomes persecuted refugees resettle in the US. But the family’s victory is short-lived. 

The Optimists

Dir.: Eliezer Yaari
| 55 minutes

A Palestinian family moves to Kibbutz Ketura. The founders of the kibbutz are former members of a Zionist youth movement who immigrated to Israel as a group and settled in the desert. Will the small desert kibbutz create a new chance for Israeli society as a whole? 

A Rose in Winter

Dir.: Joshua Sinclair
| 132 minutes

Edith Stein, one of the most compelling women in Judeo-Christian history, the first and only Jewish patron saint of Europe, and a fearless advocate for women’s rights. The film follows Stein's courageous path in which she became a nun and challenged the Church to stand against the Holocaust. 


Dir.: Julien Menanteau
| 52 minutes

Samaritans are a unique minority in the Middle East, but the community has only 780 members left today. Julien Menanteau’s gentle and perceptive camera succeeds in capturing a unique people and culture, a minority torn apart by its paradoxical identity.