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Great Jewish Minds

Autumn in Pyongyang

Dir.: François Margolin
| 71 minutes

François Margolin, who served as producer of Claude Lanzmann’s last cinematic work, joined Lanzmann in North Korea and interviewed him between takes. Margolin employs intimate camera work to offer a glimpse into the thoughts of one of the greatest minds in cinema.

Isaiah Berlin, Philosopher of Freedom

Dir.: Judith Wechsler
| 72 minutes

The film traces the development of leading 20th century public intellectual, Isaiah Berlin, in the context of his life and times, through archival film and recordings. His major contributions to the philosophy of freedom are explored through in-depth interviews.

Joseph Pulitzer: Voice of the People

Dir.: Oren Rudavsky
| 85 minutes

How did Joseph Pulitzer, once a penniless young Jewish immigrant, come to challenge a popular president and fight for freedom of the press as essential to our democracy? While he is remembered for the prize bearing his name, his personal heroic battles have been forgotten.

Kichka: Life Is a Cartoon

Dir.: Delfina Jałowik
| 74 minutes

Renowned cartoonist, Michel Kichka’s graphic novel Second Generation, describes how Kichka’s father, Henri – the sole surviving member of his family – marked his children’s and grandchildren’s upbringing. This is an honest conversation between father and son.

Lauren Bacall, a Look from the Sky

Dir.: Pierre-Henry Salfati
| 52 minutes

Everyone knows about Lauren Bacall, yet no one knows who she really was. Hers is the story of a Jewish girl, born to immigrant parents, who would go on to be discovered by Howard Hawks, and become one of Hollywood’s greatest legends.

Never Stop Dreaming – The Life and Legacy of Shimon Peres

Dir.: Richard Trank
| 126 minutes

Nine months before his passing in 2016, Shimon Peres conducted a series of interviews – from his childhood in Belarus and youth in Palestine, to his various roles. Gracefully narrated by George Clooney, the film features interviews with, among others. Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, and Barbara Streisand.