Tuesday | 01.12.20

Monthly Screenings

Classics and Restorations 2018

The Birch Tree Meadow

Dir.: Marceline Loridan-Ivens
| 99 minutes

In this eloquent film, Myriam is a French holocaust survivor. 60 years after her imprisonment in Auschwitz, she decides to do something daring. She returns to finally confront her painful past. There, she meets German photographer Oskar, whose grandfather was an SS officer. 

The City Without Jews

Dir.: Hans Karl Breslauer
| 91 minutes

The City Without Jews, which astonishingly predicted the fate of European Jewry, was released 15 years prior to WWII. Presumed lost, a copy miraculously appeared in a Paris and painstakingly restored. Now, previously unknown images depict Jewish life in Vienna with clear anti-Semitic meaning. 

In Search of Ladino

Dir.: David Perlov
| 49 minutes

A film that brings the richness and diversity of Ladino culture back to life, In Search of Ladino follows Ladino speakers, their culture, their memories and hopes for their mother tongue. The film provides rare documentation of their testimonies and songs.

Memories of the Eichmann Trial

Dir.: David Perlov
| 65 minutes

A unique historic and cinematic document composed of interviews conducted by David Perlov seventeen years after the Eichmann trial. They reflect on how the Eichmann trial transformed Israeli perceptions of survivors and the Holocaust, and the way it affected them and their families. 


Dir.: Barbra Streisand
| 143 minutes

Based on a story by Isaac Bashevis Singer, this musical tells of woman who poses as a man to study in a Yeshiva. She falls in love with a fellow student whose fiancée becomes smitten with her.