Monday | 06.04.20

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French Film Festival – Short Films

French Film Festival – Short Films

Zero de conduite (France 1933)

Dir.: Jean Vigo | W.: Robert le Flon, Jean Dasté | Three boarding school students rebel against the school’s management. (44 min., Fr., Eng. subt.)

Les 3 inventeurs (France 1980)

Dir.: Michel Ocelot | Three inventors create a machine that is both pretty and useful. Unfortunately people do not understand them... (13 min., Fr., Eng. subt.)

La légende du pauvre bossu (France 1983)

Dir.: Michel Ocelot | Above an unattainable princess, and below, a small grotesque hunchback.... (8 min., Fr., Eng. subt.)

Le Prince des Joyaux (France 1992)

Dir.: Michel Ocelot | An innocent boy, a beautiful princess, a trader conman and a giant eagle that adores gems. (11 min., Fr., Eng. subt.)

Bergère qui danse (France 1992)

Dir.: Michel Ocelot | A beautiful female shepherd and a fairy are in love with a shepherd. Who will win his affection? (7 min., Fr., Eng. subt.)

La Belle Fille et le Sorcier (France 1992)

Dir.: Michel Ocelot | “I am ugly, lonely, and bored”. In three seconds all is going to change…. (3 min., Fr., Eng. subt.)