Thursday | 02.07.20

Monthly Screenings

French Film Festival

Every year the Festival organizers bring a diverse selection of films to a screen near you, from films that have reached artistic and commercial success throughout the year to some of the new releases. 

Pauline s’arrache

Dir.: Émilie Brisavoine
| 123 minutes

Pauline’s life is far from ordinary or calm – her mother was a party animal and her father is a transvestite. Her sister Émilie follows her with a camera for two years capturing her sister’s lively personality and how she deals with life’s essential questions.


Dir.: Jérôme Salle
| 123 minutes

1948. Jacques-Yves Cousteau and his family live in a garden of Eden, a beautiful home overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. However, Cousteau dreams of adventure. Thanks to his invention, a diving device that allows breathing under water, he discovers a new world

Demain tout commence

Dir.: Hugo Gélin
| 118 minutes

Samuel was the life of the party in Marseille, until a friend left her baby daughter Gloria in his hands. Now, eight years later, Gloria’s mother is back. A true crowd pleaser full of humor, sentiment, and surprises. 

Juste la fin du monde

Dir.: Xavier Dolan
| 99 minutes

Louis returns home after years of absence to tell his family that he is dying. But between his siblings that harbor resentment towards him and his mother that prefers everything to seem perfect, does his announcement even matter?

Médecin de campagne

Dir.: Thomas Lilti
| 102 minutes

Everyone in the village knows that they can count on Jean-Pierre, their dedicated doctor. But now Jean-Pierre is sick and has to find a replacement. Will Natalie, a young and inexperienced doctor, manage to convince the good doctor of her abilities? 

Cézanne et moi

Dir.: Danièle Thompson
| 98 minutes

Cézanne et moi depicts the friendship and rivalry of Paul Cezanne and Emile Zola. A historical drama, with fantastic performances, that deals with the power of art and friendship.

Corniche Kennedy

Dir.: Dominique Cabrera
| 108 minutes

Corniche Kennedy. The Mediterranean Sea. The youth of Marseille defy gravity by jumping into the sea. Suzanne follows their movements from her elegant villa, riveted by their freedom and longing to be like them. 


Dir.: Rebecca Zlotowski
| 108 minutes

Paris. The late 1930s. Two American sisters that have a medium act are persuaded by a famous film producer to take part in a crazily ambitious film. While they drift into the whirlpool of cinema they are blind to the reality swirling around them. 

Pierrot le fou

Dir.: Jean-Luc Godard
| 110 minutes

Belmondo and Karinarun run away together to the south of France. He is escaping his rich wife, she is escaping her involvement with gangsters. Complex, confusing but engrossing drama, which exudes an intriguing sense of spontaneity. 

Le cœur en braille

Dir.: Michel Boujenah
| 95 minutes

Victor, a spirited teen with difficulties in school, falls in love with Marie, an excellent student who loves the cello and is losing her eyesight. When Victor finds out Marie’s secret, a brave friendship forms between the two.

Premiers crus

Dir.: Jérôme Le Maire
| 97 minutes

Charlie Maréchal is forced to take over the vineyard. He lacks experience, but with the help of his brother, he will try to save the family business and produce fine wine.


Dir.: Sylvain Desclous
| 89 minutes

Serge is the best salesman in France. He has sacrificed for his career, including his relationship with his son Gerald. When Gerald approaches him for a job, Serge finds that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

Voyage à travers le cinema Français

Dir.: Bertrand Tavernier
| 195 minutes

Bertrand Tavernier takes us on a journey through 50 years of French cinema. From Jacques Becker, through Jean Renoir, Jean-Pierre Melville and Marcel Carne, Tavernier passionately reviews the most magnificent and fascinating moments and anecdotes of French cinema.

Le ciel attendra

Dir.: Marie-Castille Mention-Schaar
| 104 minutes

At 17, Sonia has already joined jihad, got arrested, and has left her parents stunned. Melanie is 16 and dreams of changing the world. But then she falls for The Prince and is brain washed. Mention-Schaar portraits France’s attempts to deal with radical Islam.


Dir.: Helene Angel
| 105 minutes

Florence is a dedicated elementary school teacher. When she meets a young boy in distress, Florence will do everything in her power to help him, even if it means sacrificing her own needs. Sara Forestier is tremendous in this drama about commitment and self-realization. 

Cigarettes et chocolat chaud

Dir.: Sophie Reine
| 98 minutes

When Denis, a loving single father of two girls, once again forgets to pick one of the girls from school, he is ordered to attend parenting classes. Will this loving, charming, and special family make it through?

Opening Event

Un sac de billes

Dir.: Christian Duguay
| 110 minutes

Paris, 1941. The lives of two Jewish brothers change overnight when the two have to go on the run. The brothers embark on a life changing journey across France.