Tuesday | 18.01.22

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Dir.: Aurel | 74 minutes


France 2020 | 74 minutes | French | Hebrew subtitles

From the underbelly of Barcelona to New York, from the 60s to the 90s, including the Spanish Civil War, the Retirada, Mexico and Frida Kahlo. A journey through the twentieth century. The true story of Josep Bartoli­, anti-Franco fighter and exceptional artist.

February 1939. Spanish republicans are fleeing Franco’s dictatorship to France. The French government builds concentration camps, confining the refugees, where they barely have access to hygiene, water and food. In one of these camps, separated by barbed wire, two men will become friends. One is a guard, the other is Josep Bartoli, an illustrator who fights against Franco’s regime.

Straight from Annecy Film Festival- a moving cinematic portrait by the director and animator Aurel; creating a poetic homage to the acclaimed illustrator Josep Bartoli.

Courtesy of the French Institute of Israel.