Wednesday | 27.01.21

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Dir.: László Nemes | 142 minutes


Hungary, France 2018 | 142 minutes | Hungarian, German | Hebrew, English subtitles

A young woman arrives in Budapest in 1913 to work at the prestigious department store previously owned by her deceased parents. She is determined to learn more about her roots, however, her presence conjures dark secrets and she becomes caught up in a tempestuous journey throughout the Austro-Hungarian capital on the eve of WWI. In this film, László Nemes, whose Son of Saul won an Oscar in 2016, continues to prod the raw nerves of European history. Here too, he makes virtuosic use of long takes in 35mm.: His camera apprehensively follows actress Juli Jakab’s face, its penetrating gaze, and silent expressivity. “This is cinema with a capital C, the kind of film that image-makers will lust after as they study its many awe-inspiring scenes” (IndiWire).