Thursday | 24.09.20

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Lolo לוֹלוֹ

Dir.: Julie Delpy | 99 minutes


France 2015 | 99 minutes | French, English | English, Hebrew subtitles

On holiday in southern France, Violette meets Jean-René. She is a chic Parisian working in the fashion world, and he is a life-loving IT geek. Against all odds, there is a real chemistry between the two, and when the summer ends, Jean René joins his beloved in Paris. Cultural differences, however, and Violette's colorful son Lolo are not making things easy...

Acclaimed actress and filmmaker Julie Delpy is back at the director's chair for this witty romantic comedy, in which she also stars, proving once again her mastery of romance. She is joined by two other great actors, Vincent Lacoste and Dany Boon, resulting in a fun and intelligent film that abounds in shrewd observations on love and relationships.