Tuesday | 29.09.20

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Outdoor Screenings

Enjoy the last days of summer with outdoor screenings.

Tickets: 35 NIS / Members: 25 NIS

The Cinematheque follows the governments health regulations. Tickets will only be available in advance via the website.

Masks are required throughout your stay.

Liberty Bell Park
Tickets: 35 NIS / Members: 25 NIS

Miracle in Milan

Dir.: Vittorio de Sica
| 100 minutes

A Neo-Realist fairytale about the young leader of a colony of homeless poor in Milan, who fights injustice.... One of the greatest films of all time, Miracle in Milan is an enchanting and original gem - funny, heartwarming, and relevant.

Liberty Bell Park
Tickets: 35 NIS / Members: 25 NIS

All About My Mother

Dir.: Pedro Almodovar
| 100 minutes

Manuela leaves Madrid to search for Lola (formerly Esteban), the father of her teenage son, after the latter is killed in a tragic accident. Another uniquely Almodovar melodrama, combining eccentric characters, virtually impossible situations and brightly colored sets.

Liberty Bell Park
Screening in the presence of the director. Tickets: 35 NIS / Members: 25 NIS

Like a Beating Heart

Dir.: Yair Agmon
| 50 minutes

A film about a failed and frustrating spiritual journey that encompasses a wider story about the annual wild and wonderous festivity which takes place in Uman, Ukraine.

Liberty Bell Park

Preview Screening

Tickets: 35 NIS / Members: 25 NIS

La belle époque

Dir.: Nicolas Bados
| 110 minutes

While his marriage is in crisis, Victor receives the opportunity to take part in a role playing project that will allow him to revisit the day he met and fell in love with his wife, 40 year ago. Will the chance to reenact the memories reignite their love? Smart, funny, witty, romantic, thrilling, gratifying, unmissable.