Monthly Screenings

New Films


Dir.: Paul Dano
| 104 minutes

When Jerry loses his job and leaves home to fight a raging fire, his young son assumes the role of responsible adult, while his wife tries to take care of her family in different ways. Esteemed American actor Paul Dano’s directional debut is an elegant and sensitive drama. 


Dir.: Joseph Madmony, Boaz Yehonatan Yacov
| 104 minutes

Menachem, a former frontman for a rock band, is now religious. When his daughter is diagnosed with cancer, he must find a creative solution to fund the treatments. Menachem reunites his band for one last tour.

Boy Erased

Dir.: Joel Edgerton
| 114 minutes

The son of a Baptist pastor in a small American town, who is ousted to his parents, is faced with an ultimatum: attend a conversion therapy program – or be permanently shunned. An emotional coming-of-age and coming out drama about a young man’s journey to self-acceptance. 


Dir.: Hirokazu Koreeda
| 121 minutes

A Japanese couple takes in a young girl that has run away from her toxic family. The story that follows will catch you “barely prepared when the full force of what it’s doing suddenly knocks you sideways” (Los Angeles Times). 

Happy as Lazzaro

Dir.: Alice Rohrwacher
| 125 minutes

Lazzaro is a laborer on the Marchesa de Luna’s tobacco plantation. When her son Tancredi visits the fields, he is captivated by Lazzaro’s sincerity and kindness. Alice Rohrwacher’s (The Wonders) new, critically-acclaimed film.

Red Cow

Dir.: Tsivia Barkai-Yacov
| 91 minutes

As 17 year old Benny’s extremist father becomes more and more obsessed with a red heifer that he believes will bring the redemption, she drifts further away and into the arms of Yael, a new young woman in her life.

The Upside

Dir.: Neil Burger
| 126 minutes

A reformed prisoner takes on a job as a caregiver for a paralyzed man. Their connection teaches both a lesson about life and its significance. “The pairing of Bryan Cranston and Kevin Hart... pays off big time, with more laugh-out-loud moments than the original [Intouchables]” (Hollywood Reporter).

Mary Queen of Scots

Dir.: Josie Rourke
| 122 minutes

After the death on Henry VIII, two women claimed the right to the throne – Elizabeth I and Mary Stuart, his niece and Scotland’s catholic queen. The two Queens clash, while also dealing with inner politics and men trying to tell them what to do. A brilliant period drama.