Monthly Screenings

In Memory of Jean-Louis Trintignant


Dir.: Michael Haneke
| 127 minutes

An elderly couple must deal with the wife’s physical and mental decline. Depicting the suffering and sorrow of their daily struggle, Michael Haneke formulates the meaning of true love in a refined and unsentimental way. 

Il Sorpasso

Dir.: Dino Risi
| 108 minutes

A sharp satire and morality tale, Il Sorpasso is Dino Risi’s Holy Grail of Italian comedy. Bruno, an aging playboy hauls a young student on a wacky road trip from Rome to Tuscany.

The Conformist

Dir.: Bernardo Bertolucci
| 108 minutes

Adapted from Alberto Moravia's novel about a man who, as a result of a murder he thinks he committed as a youth, strives to blend into society. He offers his services to the Fascist Party for whom he is asked to assassinate his former professor.