Monday | 26.02.24

Monthly Screenings

Hanukkah for the Whole Family

How Do You Get to Oz?

Special event for the whole family: Songs and parts from the movie and the musical, and some creative work with the audience

The Wizard of Oz

Dir.: Victor Fleming
| 102 minutes

Dorothy Gale dreams of a land “somewhere over the rainbow” and, after a tornado rages through her hometown, her dream comes true. Joined by her dog and a band of unlikely friends, Dorothy sets out to find the enigmatic Wizard of Oz. One of the greatest and most beloved films produced in classic Hollywood.

The Met’s Magic Flute

By Mozart and directed by Julie Taymor
| 100 minutes

The Magic Flute transports us into an entrancing world where good faces darkness. With a combination of comedy and drama, fantastic singing and stage production, Mozart’s celebration of true love conquering all comes to life in Julie Taymor’s fanciful production-complete with dancing bears and giant flamingos

Sesame Street Celebration

Hop! at the Jerusalem Cinematheque, for ages 2-5. The Monster at the End of This Story: an animated adaptation of the 1971 book starring Furry Old Grover | The Not-Too-Late Show with Elmo.