Saturday | 05.12.20

Monthly Screenings

Docaviv Cinema

QT8: The First Eight

Dir.: Tara Wood
| 120 minutes

Quentin Tarantino has rocked the industry, boldly breaking to pieces every possible convention of style, rhythm and character design. A tribute to the extraordinary character of Tarantino, with highlights from his films, and behind-the-scenes stories told by the great actors who starred in them.

Sid & Judy

Dir.: Stephen Kijak
| 97 minutes

50 years after Judy Garland’s tragic death, Jon Hamm and Jennifer Jason Leigh narrate and reenact Garland’s turbulent relationship with Sid Luft, her third husband. The film is punctuated with previously unpublished recordings, photographs, and excerpts from Garland’s shows.

The Price of Everything

Dir.: Nathaniel Kahn
| 99 minutes

A deep dive into the rarefied world of contemporary art where everything can be bought and sold, The Price of Everything is a stunning expose of the role of art in today’s consumerist society. A fascinating documentary from Award-winning filmmaker Nathaniel Kahn (My Architect).

The Raft

Dir.: Marcus Lindeen
| 97 minutes

In 1973, a tiny raft set sail across the Atlantic, crewed by volunteers in a daring anthropological experiment. 43 years later, the subjects try to piece together what had happened on that raft. A clever and riveting movie you will not want to miss. 

Free Solo

Dir.: Elizabeth Chai Vasarhelyi, Jimmy Chin
| 97 minutes

Having scaled the world’s tallest cliffs with no rope or harness, Alex Honnold is preparing to conquer the summit of Yosemite National Park’s El Capitan. The film follows him through breathtaking scenery on a mission that has only two possible outcomes: success or death. 

Shooting the Mafia

Dir.: Kim Longinotto
| 94 minutes

Letizia Battaglia was the first photographer to document the brutality of the Sicilian mafia and the terror of living under their thumb in her hometown of Palermo. Her photographs are shown alongside her memories and her unorthodox personal life.


Dir.: Frédéric Tcheng
| 120 minutes

A documentary following the life of the man whose name became synonymous with couture fashion in the 70s. Frédéric Tcheng (Dior and I), combines rare archival footage and interviews to reveal Halston’s flamboyant and complex persona.


Dir.: Ljubomir Stefanov, Tamara Kotevska
| 85 minutes

Hatidze Muratova climbs the staggering mountains of Macedonia to extract honey from the bee colonies hidden away high up in the crevices. When a family of nomads shows up at her doorstep, they threaten her livelihood but also ease her loneliness. 

Marianne & Leonard: Words of Love

Dir.: Nick Broomfield
| 102 minutes

The beautiful yet tragic love story between Leonard Cohen and his Norwegian muse Marianne Ihlen. The film follows their relationship from the early days of 1960s, a humble time of ‘free love’ and open marriage, to how their love evolved when Leonard became a successful musician.