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Alon Gur Arye (in Heb.) on how Groundhog Day became the staple for time loops and on other time traveling and loops adventures 

Groundhog Day

Dir.: Harold Ramis
| 101 minutes

An agitated weatherman gets caught up in a time loop in which he repeatedly wakes up to "Groundhog Day." Will he take the opportunity to conquer the heart of his love interest? A brilliant comedy, with an exceptional self-aware performance by the great Bill Murray.

12 Monkeys

Dir.: Terry Gilliam
| 129 minutes

Bruce Willis is a time traveler from the year 2035 who arrives in the year 1996 to avert a catastrophic biological war that has already happened. A sweeping and suspenseful sci-fi film based on Chris Marker's La Jetee and with Terry Gilliam's unique thumbprint. 


Dir.: Rian Johnson
| 118 minutes

In 2044, Looper is a mercenary assassin whose job is to eliminate problems sent from the future. But when his next goal is himself, things get out of hand. Looper is a clever and exciting action drama that stimulates the senses and the mind.

Palm Springs

Dir.: Max Barbakow
| 90 minutes

Sarah and Niles meet at a wedding in Palm Springs. What develops between the two is supposed to remain in the past, but the next morning, Sarah discovers that she's stuck in a strange time warp. 


Dir.: Christopher Nolan
| 150 minutes

A CIA operative is recruited on a secret mission to prevent a time bending global catastrophe. Nolan offers a philosophical observation on moral and existential questions with cinematic means and “sweeps you away on waves of pure, ravishing cinema” (Rolling Stone). 

Sliding Doors

Dir.: Peter Howitt
| 95 minutes

The film follows two different plots that diverge a moment after Helen is fired and misses her train: in the first, she catches the tube; in the other, the doors close before she manages to jump in. A charming and clever romantic comedy that plays on the mind and heartstrings.


Dir.: Akira Kurosawa
| 88 minutes

The death of a samurai is conveyed through four different perspectives in Akira Kurosawa's masterful work. Rashomon is a daring work that offers an examination of the art of storytelling and its stance on truth.

Blind Chance

Dir.: Krzysztof Kieslowski
| 122 minutes

Vitek is a young man who finds himself at a crossroad as a result of his father's death and his own leaving law school after the students' strike at the end of the Sixties. Kieslowski gives him three different ways to go on... 

Run Lola Run

Dir.: Tom Tykwer
| 82 minutes

Lola has 20 minutes to raise a large amount of money to save the life of her boyfriend, who has gotten mixed up in a drug deal. The plot splits into three optional outcomes. Run Lola Run is a fast-paced and clever thriller.