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The City in Cinema

The birth of cinema in the late 19th century was accompanied by accelerated development of the city and architecture. The city, universalism and modernism have brought possibilities to new forms of life and fresh perspectives with great promise. Ever since them, urban movies have been a cinematic genre that embraces the relationship between the local and the universal, the political and the private, the public and the personal. This series brings Paris, Rome, New York, Oslo and Seoul to the screen through the eyes of filmmakers from six different decades in a variety of cinematic traditions.

All lectures will be presented in Hebrew

The Filmmaker as Paparazzi

Speaker (in Heb.): Benjamin Freidenberg 

La dolce vita

Dir.: Federico Fellini
| 176 minutes

In Fellini’s masterpiece, we accompany Italian gossip journalist, from party to party among Roman high society, along with his photographer Paparazzo. With them, we meet a whole bunch of others who give us insights about life.

Murakami on Screen


Dir.: Chang-dong Lee
| 158 minutes

A complicated and mysterious love triangle forms between Jong-su, a villager living in Seoul, Hae-mi, who used to live in the same village, and her city slick boyfriend, whom she met in Africa. “A drama becoming a thriller… intensifying little by little…” (The A. V. Club).

Speaker (in Heb.): Benjamin Freidenberg on vagrants, homeless people and wanderers in the city of lights as a fantastic journey towards the end of the millennium

The Lovers on the Bridge

Dir.: Leos Carax
| 125 minutes

A painter, who is losing her eyesight, and a homeless clown with addiction issues, form a special relationship on the backdrop of the most ancient bridge in Paris. The streets, skies, and trenches of Paris, all provide a platform for storytelling in a succession of spectacular images. 

Speaker (in Heb.): Benjamin Freidenberg on architecture and psychoanalysis in Scandinavian cinema

Oslo, August 31st

Dir.: Joachim Trier
| 96 minutes

Allowed one day out of rehab, Andres travels to Oslo for a job interview. For the remainder of the day, the ghosts of past mistakes will wrestle with the chance of a new life. A portrait of a young man facing a moment of truth.

Speaker (in Heb.): Benjamin Freidenberg on urban photography and American neo-realism

The Naked City

Dir.: Jules Dassin
| 96 minutes

One of Dassin’s finest films, The Naked City is an almost documentary study of the police investigation of the murder of a young woman. Shot almost entirely on location, the footage of New York during a heat wave contributed greatly to the stifling realism.

Speaker (in Heb.): Benjamin Freidenberg on Martin Scorsese’s New York

Taxi Driver

Dir.: Martin Scorsese
| 114 minutes

A young man, a Vietnam vet, finds work as a cab driver in New York. His disgust with the dregs of humanity he sees eventually drives him insane. One of the best films ever made, an expressionistic, colorful, and dazzling fresco, Taxi Driver is a classic that cannot be missed.