Tuesday | 23.07.24

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Cinema Italia 2023

Screening in the presence of director Lyda Patitucci

Like Sheep Among Wolves

Dir.: Lyda Patitucci
| 100 minutes

A promising debut film about an undercover police officer forced to choose between opposing loyalties: family or work. The meticulous camerawork creates a dreary atmosphere, and Isabella Ragonese's precise performance gives the film its emotional punch.


Dir.: Mario Martone
| 117 minutes

Felice returns to his home town of Napoli and is bombarded by memories. With a mesmerizing view of the beauty and filthiness of a city run according to the codes of the mafia, Mario Martone presents a stylish crime thriller.


Dir.: Carolina Cavalli
| 93 minutes

Amanda has never had friends, and that's all she longs for. Now, she's on a mission to convince Rebecca, who she socialized with as an infant, that they are the best of friends. The witty writing and Benedetta Porcaroli's knock-out performance create a wicked treat not to be missed.


Dir.: Paolo & Vittorio Taviani
| 188 minutes

Four stories by Luigi Pirandello, about peasant life in turn-of-the-century Sicily, human struggles, and the relationship of man to nature, are adapted to the screen by the Taviani brothers. This is a masterpiece that has not lost its power over the years and still has intensity, charm, and harmony.

Theatrical Release

Ciao Roma

Dir.: Gianni Di Gregorio
| 97 minutes

Astolfo moves into an old family mansion in Abruzzo. He befriends a vagabond, a retired chef, and a young handyman, and the four live harmoniously until they meet Stefania. Astolfo falls in love and struggles with feelings he thought belonged to the past.

Leonora addio

Dir.: Paolo Taviani
| 90 minutes

For over 50 years, the Taviani brothers were a thrilling and unique cinematic voice. This is Paolo's first film since his brother's and partner's passing in 2018. It consists of a tribute to Luigi Pirandello, the Italian writer who inspired their film - Kaos.

Lord of the Ants

Dir.: Gianni Amelio
| 130 minutes

In the 1960s, poet and playwright, Aldo Braibanti, received a nine-year prison sentence for having a bad influence on another person, when in fact he was judged for homosexuality. This is an infuriating social portrait that presents a restrained hero who finally finds a path to his feelings.

The Eight Mountains

Dir.: Felix van Groeningen, Charlotte Vandermeersch
| 147 minutes

Cannes' Jury Prize winner is a drama of a long-lasting friendship set against the backdrop of a forgotten mountain village.  The directors utilize the human and physical landscapes to examine the mysterious and quiet nature in which male friendship cultivates.


Dir.: Roberto Andò
| 103 minutes

On his way to visit his family, Luigi Pirandello makes an unexpected stop to bury his beloved governess. He passes the time with the two gravediggers, who are armature actors in a new play. The encounter will bring Luigi to a creative breakthrough.



Dir.: Paolo Virzì
| 124 minutes

Three drought years have left Rome unrecognizable. The shortage gave rise to strict laws and changed the face of society. Without little sentimentality and without slipping into boundless cynicism, Paolo Virzì translates the climate crisis into a canny and thought-provoking film.

The Shadow of the Day

Dir.: Giuseppe Piccioni
| 125 minutes

Luciano is a WWI veteran that left him with a limp and a degree of appreciation and even sympathy for the fascist regime. Anna, a refugee and a new waitress at his restaurant, will force Luciano to face the consequences of the new segregation laws.