Monthly Screenings

Cinema Italia 2019

Festival del Cinema Italiano in Israele

The Cinema Italia program offers the viewers a close look at contemporary Italian cinema and an opportunity to watch the greatest Italian classics on the big screen.

The Italian Cultural Institute in Tel Aviv is proud to present the 6th edition of Cinema Italia, a major event in its 2019 cultural program, taking place under the auspices of the Embassy of Italy in Israel.

Cinema Italia 2019 is the result of the close and fruitful collaboration between ADAMAS Italia Israel, the Italian Cultural Institutes of Tel Aviv and Haifa, Istituto Luce Cinecittא and the Cinematheques of Israel.

Special thanks to Foundation Italy-Israel for Culture and Art.

We wish to thank Monica Moscato – Filmitalia, Paola Ruggiero – Cinecittא Luce, Carmen Accaputo – Cineteca Bologna, Tina Martelloni e Gualtiero Rosella. Netflix, Italia

Ronny Fellus and Dan Angelo Muggia, Artistic Directors

Following the screening a conversation with producer Karolina Levi

1938 - Diversi

Dir.: Giorgio Treves
| 62 minutes

Eighty years ago, the Italian people accepted the persecution of a minority which had been living in Italy for centuries. Through witness accounts and scholarly analysis, along with animated segments, 1938 - Diversi offers a new reading of this dramatic historical period. 

Following the screening a conversation with director Stefano Mordini

The Invisible Witness

Dir.: Stefano Mordini
| 102 minutes

A successful businessman wakes up next to his lover’s lifeless body. Now, with the help of a lawyer that has never lost a case, he sets out for the fight of his life. Stefano Mordini demonstrates his talent for creating tension and atmosphere.

Boys Cry

Dir.: Damiano D’innocenzo, Fabio D’innocenzo
| 95 minutes

When Mirko and Manolo are involved in a hit-and-run, their lives change dramatically. They become involved with the local mafia and their misfortune seems to turn into a blessing. But their path to prosperity is led with darkness. 

Following the screening a conversation with director Margherita Ferri

The Ice Rift

Dir.: Margherita Ferri
| 87 minutes

Maia, a 16-year-old tomboy is constantly bullied for her masculine attitude. When she befriends Vanessa, Maia feels free to open up for the first time. Maia and Vanessa embark on a journey of self-discovery trying to come to grips with their identity. 

 Opening remarks (in Heb.): Dan Angelo Muggia 

The Conformist

Dir.: Bernardo Bertolucci
| 108 minutes

Adapted from Alberto Moravia's novel about a man who, as a result of a murder he thinks he committed as a youth, strives to blend into society. He offers his services to the Fascist Party for whom he is asked to assassinate his former professor. 

Daughter of Mine

Dir.: Laura Bispuri
| 100 minutes

When Angelica, a fearless free-spirited young woman, asks to spend some time with 10-year-old Vittoria, deep buried secrets will be revealed. With two of the greatest actresses of contemporary Italian cinema, Laura Bispuri presents a precise drama that plays on the heartstrings.

Magical Nights

Dir.: Paolo Virzi
| 125 minutes

A renowned film producer is found dead in the Tiber river. The main suspects are three young aspiring screenwriters. In the course of one night, they divulge their tumultuous journey through the streets of Rome, in the final throes of Italian cinema’s golden age.


Dir.: Mario Martone
| 122 minutes

1914, Italy. A group of young North Europeans build a commune on Capri. Lucia finds them fascinating. The local idealistic doctor finds them intellectually challenging. While Russian exiles plan a revolution. A Mediterranean bubble in a world that is about to be shattered.

The Man Who Bought the Moon

Dir.: Paolo Zucca
| 103 minutes

A fisherman from Sardinia promises the woman he loves, the moon – and Sardinian men always keep their promises. Paolo Zucca compiles a surrealistic detective tale, combining irony and drama to presents a refined amusing and thought-provoking, lyrical and fantastical comedy. 

On My Skin

Dir.: Alessio Cremoninii
| 100 minutes

The moving account of the last days of Stefano Cucchi’s life, a week that should have shaken a whole nation. Cucchi was imprisoned for a minor crime, but was mysteriously found dead during his detention. He was one of 176 prisoners that died while incarcerated in 2009. 

The Peddler and the Lady

Dir.: Mario Bonnard
| 95 minutes

In one of her first roles that will define her cinematic persona as a strong minded independent woman, Anna Magnani is Elida, a greengrocer, in love with the fishmonger next to her stand, who in turn is infatuated with someone else. 


Dir.: Luchino Visconti
| 110 minutes

Anna Magnani, in one of her greatest performances, plays a poor woman that is desperately trying to create a better future for her young daughter. She tries to get her into show business, but instead she is the one that captures the executives’ attention. 

The Passionate Thief

Dir.: Mario Monicelli
| 100 minutes

Glpia and Umberto are old friends. She’s an actress. He’s a swindler. And then there is Lello, a skilled pickpocket. On New Year’s Eve, the three will experience innumerable adventures at Rome’s various parties, restaurants, and even the famous Trevi Fountain. 


Dir.: William Dieterle
| 106 minutes

Maddalena, a former prostitute, returns to the island of her childhood. Though she is welcomed with open arms by her sister, the other residents are less than friendly. She tries to shield her sister from her abusive local diver, but the island’s volcano will also have its say.