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Around the World: The Low Countries

A cinematic journey through history, culture, art, dark humor, and more

12 meetings, every other week, Sun., 10:00-13:00

Price: 685 NIS


The History and Reality of Bourgeoisie in the Low Countries

Speaker (in Heb.): Allon Klebanoff

Girl with a Pearl Earring

Dir.: Peter Webber
| 95 minutes

A bright young girl, the daughter to a poor Calvinist family, moves to the city of Delft to work as a servant for the Vermeer family. There, she catches the eye of the painter, who begins to craft her portrait. 

Antonia's Line and the Book of Ruth

Speaker (in Heb.): Yochi Brandes

Antonia's Line

Dir.: Marleen Gorris
| 98 minutes

Antonia, now in her 80's, tells the story of her life and of the four generations of strong women who were part of it. Named as the best foreign film at the 1996 Academy Awards.

Hercule Poirot: The Belgian Detective Who Conquered the Imagination

Speaker (in Heb.): Yonatan Gat

Murder on the Orient Express

Dir.: Kenneth Branagh
| 114 minutes

When a dubious businessman is murdered on a luxury train crossing Europe in the mid-1930s, celebrated detective Hercule Poirot is recruited to solve the case. Based on Agatha Christie’s famous detective novel, the film is lit with a glittering line of stars and a striking periodical design. 

Bruges: The Venice of the North

Speaker (in Heb.): Yoel Sitruk

In Bruges

Dir.: Martin McDonagh
| 107 minutes

Irish hit-men are sent to Bruges until things at home cool off. The two will meet some local characters and discover that they haven’t escaped all their problems. Martin MacDonagh elegantly combines dark humor and sentimentality within the mold of a thriller. 

Rembrandt: A Story of Light and Sentiment

Speaker (in Heb.): Daniella Shalev

My Rembrandt

Dir.: Oeke Hoogendijk
| 95 minutes

Dutch director Oeke Hoogendijk embarked on a journey to follow the incessant pursuit of Rembrandt, the Master of Intimacy, whose paintings continue to be the source of obsession among collectors, aristocrats, art scholars and museums till this day. 

Belgium, Dark Chocolate and Humor

Speaker (in Heb.): Michel Kichka

The Brand New Testament

Dir.: Jaco van Dormael
| 113 minutes

It turns out the God lives in Brussels. He is quite the character – mean, annoying, and overbearing. But now, his daughter has had enough and her actions will cause quite the chaos….  An inventive and funny allegory that is both hilarious and thought-provoking. 

In the Footsteps of Dutch Cinema

Speaker (in Heb.): Ron Fogel

The Zigzag Kid

Dir.: Vincent Bal
| 94 minutes

His dad is the world's greatest detective, but his mom is a mystery that Nono needs to solve in a hurry.... Adapted from the beloved novel by David Grossman, The Zig Zag Kid is a true crowd-pleaser.

The Dardenne Brothers – Champions of Social Cinema

Speaker (in Heb.): Ron Fogel

The Kid with a Bike

Dir.: Jean-Pierre Dardenne, Luc Dardenne
| 87 minutes

Eleven-year-old Cyril is convinced that his father will come back to collect him from the orphanage. Meanwhile, with the surprising help of a kind hairdresser, he will try to find him himself. The film deals with basic human emotions: longing for love and the search for redemption.

Road-Movies and the Encounter Between Extremes

Speaker (in Heb.): Albert Gabai

Where Is Anne Frank

Dir.: Ari Folman
| 99 minutes

One year from today, Anne Frank’s imaginary friend, Kitty, to whom Anne devoted her diary, magically comes to life at the Anne Frank House in Amsterdam. Kitty believes that if she’s alive, Anne must be alive as well. She sets out on a relentless quest to find Anne. The version screened during the Jerusalem Jewish Film Festival is that of Hebrew dubbing

Social Realism and Yearning for Redemption

Speaker (in Heb.): Rachel Esterkin

Two Days, One Night

Dir.: Luc Dardenne, Jean-Pierre Dardenne
| 95 minutes

A woman and her husband try to convince her coworkers to relinquish their yearly bonuses, so she can keep her position. Fresh from its Cannes premiere, the Dardenne brothers’ new film will touch some nerves and offer a satisfying cinematic experience. 

Cultural Tensions and Social Gaps on Belgium's Southern Border

Speaker (in Heb.): Roni Yanovski

Nothing to Declare

Dir.: Dany Boon
| 102 minutes

1993. Europe's borders have become non-existent. This is bad news for the customs officers on the negligible border between Belgium and France. Things get complicated when two customs officials police the area together and come across a mobster and his drug-dealing employees...