Monday | 11.12.23

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Cultural Tensions and Social Gaps on Belgium's Southern Border
Nothing to Declare
Dir.: Dany Boon | 102 minutes

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Speaker (in Heb.): Roni Yanovski

Tickets: 75 NIS / Members: 65 NIS

France, Belgium 2010 | 102 minutes | French | Hebrew, English subtitles

1993. Europe's borders have become non-existent. This is bad news for the customs officers on the negligible border between Belgium and France. Ruben, on the Belgian side of the border, is a chauvinistic nationalist who despises the French bons vivants. Mathias, on the French side, is secretly dating Victor's brother. In the meantime, the owner of a local restaurant and her husband fear that the cancellation of the border will reduce much of their business. Things get complicated when the two customs officials police the area together and come across a mobster and his drug-dealing employees...