Monthly Screenings

Argentinian Classics

In recent years, a great effort has been made to transfer films into digital format. In archives around the world, classic films are being scanned in high quality, allowing them to be re-presented to the public. Thanks to this effort and courtesy of the Argentine Directors Association and the Embassy of Argentina in Israel, the Jerusalem Cinematheque is presenting four classics of Argentine cinema, through which the political and cinematic changes experienced by Argentina in the last four decades can be seen. The social and political struggles are echoed through these films, not only in the films’ subjects, but also in their cinematic styles, ranging from expressionism to realistic fantasy, social realism and personal drama. Each of the films presented offers a different look at similar issues and watching the four films together is an opportunity to follow the evolution of a cinematic culture and the way it deals with local reality.

Juan Moriera

Dir.: Leonardo Favio
| 102 minutes

A loaded and expressive work about Juan Moriera, a key figure in the history of Argentina, a man that fought against great and corrupt forces to regain his property and to restore justice. An unforgettable cinematic experience.


Dir.: Fernando E. Solanas
| 127 minutes

With the end of the military regime, Floreal is released from prison and is on his way to reunite with his wife. Although his friend El Negro was murdered by the junta, he still follows him in the darkest moments of the past. 

Pizza, Beer, and Cigarettes

Dir.: Bruno Stagnaro, Adrian Caetano
| 80 minutes

Two petty thieves decide to expand their endeavors and plan a more sophisticated robbery. Pizza, Beer, and Cigarettes is a key film in Latin American cinema of the 1990s, with dynamic direction and entrancing characters.


Dir.: Adolfo Aristarain
| 155 minutes

This is the story of a writer who looks at the past and key moment of his literary career: the choice between art and political activity, the tension between colonialism and romance, and Roma, his protective and sharp mother overlooking his life.