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Abbas Kiarostami: A Tribute

Taste of Cherry

Dir.: Abbas Kiarostami
| 95 minutes

A man wanders northern Tehran, picking up hitchhikers. He offers them a reward if they help him end his life. The only one to respond teaches him a lesson or two about life and its meaning.

The Wind Will Carry Us

Dir.: Abbas Kiarostami
| 118 minutes

A man arrives in a village in Iranian Kurdistan, but by the time it's time to leave the place, he will get to know the residents and their daily lives. Kiarostami presents a film in which he reflects on how best to live. 

ABC Africa

Dir.: Abbas Kiarostami
| 84 minutes

Abbas Kiarostami arrives in Uganda to document the country's efforts to take care of the thousands of AIDS orphans. With his distinctive style, Kiarostami captures the situation in a way that is both clever and human.


Dir.: Abbas Kiarostami
| 74 minutes

With five sequences shot on the beach, Abbas Kiarostami delivers a tribute to Japanese master Yasujirô Ozu. He adopts Ozu's static camera positions, combining them with his quasi-documentary style. Similar to Ozu, Kiarostami examines everyday life, exploring the subtle changes of the world.

Like Someone in Love

Dir.: Abbas Kiarostami
| 109 minutes

A young student, working as a geisha, is invited to the house of an old and gentle professor, who shows her nothing but kindness. This encounter takes an unexpected turn and evolves into a surprising relationship.



Dir.: Abbas Kiarostami
| 92 minutes

Presenting ten scenes, all set in the protagonist's car, with two small cameras pointed respectively on the driver and her passengers, Iranian cinematic master Abbas Kiarostami unfolds a picture of the state of women in Iran. Ten crosses the boundaries between fiction and documentary film.

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Sunday 14.01.24
Cinematheque 1
Cinematheque 1
2024-01-14 10:00:00 2024-01-14 13:00:00 Asia/Jerusalem A Female Revolution – In Front and Behind the Camera <p>Speaker (in Heb.): Sheila Moussaie</p> Cinematheque Jerusalem Cinematheque
A Female Revolution – In Front and Behind the Camera

Certified Copy

Dir.: Abbas Kiarostami
| 106 minutes

This witty and magical drama that takes place on the backdrop of Tuscan panoramas. Elle runs a small art gallery in Tuscany. She is anticipating the visit of James Miller, a British writer, promoting his latest book about the value of original and copied art works. Elle invites him to her gallery, and together they embark on a journey through Tuscany. 

10 on Ten

Dir.: Abbas Kiarostami
| 87 minutes

In this behind-the-scenes look at Abbas Kiarostami's Ten, Kiarostami immerses us in the process of creation of his films and delivers an insightful reflection about cinema. The conversations re-illuminate his previous works and yet do not eliminate the mystery.


Dir.: Abbas Kiarostami
| 94 minutes

The 12th-century poem Khosrow and Shirin is about a love triangle between a king, queen, and sculpture. The poem is staged by Kiarostami, but is seen on screen through the reactions of 114 actresses watching the spectacle.

Through the Olive Trees

Dir.: Abbas Kiarostami
| 103 minutes

A director making a film in northern Iran about an area that suffered from a severe earthquake finds his actions derailed by the romantic troubles of the two leading actors. Through the Olive Trees is a masterful work not to be missed.