Thursday | 23.05.24

Monthly Screenings

The Day After?

An online series of films and discussions on the challenges of a new reality

COVID-19 has forced us to change the way we live. We can imagine some things – good and bad - that may never return to the way they were, but we don’t really know what the future holds.

Despite this uncertainty, people from all political and social points of view are finding proof in the crisis to demonstrate why their pre-COVID story about the world was correct. Everyone finds facts to support their story. It’s a very human thing to do. Everyone seems confident the facts will convince others to change their minds, but if no one does, we end up with deeper partisanship and more conflict.  Alternatively, we could take this moment to imagine new stories capable of capturing the public imagination and building new coalitions.

As the world begins to open up, we want to create a space where people can experiment with new narratives about old problems - where it is possible to imagine new stories about ourselves and the future.

The Jerusalem Cinematheque in partnership with the Van Leer Group, the Van Leer Jerusalem Institute, the Bernard van Leer Foundation, and Haaretz has curated The Day After program. Through a series of films and discussions with leading world figures, the program explores issues of the day after through five global challenges that COVID-19 has brought to the forefront of public debate. The program will allow for a discussion and experimentation with alternative narratives that might help us to better address these challenges as we look ahead to The Day After.

The event will start at the set time detailed in each event and be available to watch later free-of-charge.

The films are only available to watch in Israel and for a limited time period.