Wednesday | 19.06.24

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Freaky Friday
Dir.: Mark Waters | 93 minutes

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USA 2003 | 93 minutes | English | Hebrew subtitles

Swapping identities is one of the wittiest tactics that exist in cinema. Not only do the exchanges allow for an immediate change of the viewer's point of view and identification, but they also create an ample ground for irony that can be used as potential for comedy or tragedy. In Freaky Friday, when it comes to the identity swap between mother and daughter against the background of the first's second marriage and the second's dismay from the step, and when all the intergenerational differences are used as plot accelerators, the result is a light and non-committal comedy. The great achievement here is the ability of Disney, whose goal is to create films "for the whole family," to soften even charged situations in which the girl, trapped in her mother's body, meets intimately with the one who will become her stepfather, or the meeting between the mother, imprisoned by her daughter, and the biker who hits on the daughter. Of course, along the way, there are all the familiar age gaps: one has the body, the other has the money, and much of the film enjoys celebrating this void.