Sunday | 14.07.24

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The Maestro
Days of Pick
Dir.: Shai Lahav, Ron Omer | 100 minutes

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Zvika Pick, the Artist and the Myth

Lecture (in Heb.) by: Prof. Michael Wolpe

Concert performed by: Coral Iluk singer and guitara, Dotan Moshonov piano and musical direction, Evyatar Hermesh bass, Nir Mardan drums

In the program: Zvika Pick songs

Israel 2023 | 100 minutes | Hebrew | English subtitles

The dramatic life story of Tsvika Pick, Israel’s first pop star and the man who gave Israel a local, tangible version of "The Prince of Tides." His childhood in Poland, his identity as an eternal outsider in Israel, his breakout role in Hair, his transformation into a star, and his painful downfall in the 1980s. The depressing days in the wretched clubs, his divorce from his lyricist, his remarkable comeback with "Diva," reality stardom, his depiction as a Maestro, a stroke, rehabilitation, and death. These are just but a few in the chapters of the journey that Pick himself describes in his final interview, alongside those closest to him. This journey attempts to decipher the personality of one of the most famous and mysterious figures in Israeli culture.