Monday | 17.06.24

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The Quiet Girl
Dir.: Colm Bairead | 96 minutes

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Ireland 2022 | 96 minutes | Irish Gaelic | Hebrew subtitles

Rural Ireland, early 1980s. Nine-year-old Cáit lives with her dysfunctional family and has to learn to hide in plain sight. When her parents feel the burden of raising her, Cáit is sent to spend the summer with a foster family. The farmer couple opens her to the possibility of love, affection, an embrace, a different life. Though suspicious at first, she begins to blossom under their watch, only to discover that every family has secrets. The Quiet Girl is a small film, but its silence is deafening. With a refined and heart-stirring performance by Catherine Clinch, who gives the film its emotional punch, this is a gem that plays on the heartstrings.