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In Memory of Lia Van Leer

An evening in memory of the Cinematheque’s founder, Lia van Lee

Full Time

Dir.: Eric Gravel
| 88 minutes

A general transit strike derails the fragile orchestrated balance life of a single mother raising her kids in a rural village while working as a hotel maid in Paris. Full Time is a social drama with the adrenaline of a fast-paced thriller.

My Love Affair with Marriage

Dir.: Signe Baumane
| 108 minutes

From an early age, Zelma has learned that love is the solution to all her problems, well as long as she fulfills the social expectation of young women. But the years pass, and true love remains as elusive as ever. An animated musical full of humor and frankness.

Amy Tan: Unintended Memoir

Dir.: James Redford
| 101 minutes

Amy Tan took the world by storm with her debut novel, The Joy Luck Club, becoming a prominent literary figure. Her writing is informed by her experiences as the daughter of immigrants and her complex relationship with her mother. This is an intimate and candid portrait of a groundbreaking and inspiring writer.


Dir.: Sadie Frost
| 86 minutes

She invented the mini skirt and changed how we wear, consume, and talk about fashion. Mary Quant – a cultural and fashion icon, a woman whose name is synonymous with the 1960s cultural revolution. With fast editing, stunning footage, and interviews, Quant is an ode to an icon.

The Quiet Girl

Dir.: Colm Bairead
| 96 minutes

Nine-year-old Cáit lives with her dysfunctional family and has to learn to hide in plain sight. When she is sent to spend the summer with a foster family, Cáit becomes open to the possibility of love, affection, a different life. The Quiet Girl is a gem that plays on the heartstrings.