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Trouble in Paradise
Dir.: Ernst Lubitsch | 83 minutes

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A witty and fast-paced comedy, which enjoys a wide-ranging symphonic musical soundtrack right at the beginning of the Golden Age of cinema. Composer W. Franke Harling concocted from a limited extent of raw material (two theme songs and one old Italian song called "O Sole Mio") a comprehensive musical canvas, diverse and effective, while forming composition elements of the big screen (developing themes, variations and precise writing for the picture) that have become the model for film composition.

USA 1932 | 83 minutes | English | Hebrew subtitles

Two jewel thieves attach themselves to the staff of a wealthy widow. Romance complicates matters until good business sense reasserts itself. A witty script, well written and executed characters, and the brilliant Lubitsch touch bring forth this masterful comedy.