Wednesday | 14.04.21

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Rain in Her Eyes
Dir.: Ron Omer | 60 minutes

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Israel 2020 | 60 minutes | Hebrew | Hebrew, English subtitles

Kibbutz Maoz Chaim children’s house, 1943. A gunshot rings out, followed by silence.11-year-old Dvor’aleh is orphaned. She was told that her mother was killed by a stray bullet during weapons training, but soon begins hearing the word “suicide” whispered among the kibbutz members. Dvora is deeply troubled: was it an accident or was it suicide? If it was suicide, how could her mother leave her alone in the world like that? Only years later does Dvora discover the truth. Journeying to the past, her son, the filmmaker, revisits the childhood of a mother with Rain in Her Eyes, as she described herself – a mother whose tormented life story shaped her writing and her relationship with her children and family.