Tuesday | 07.07.20

Monthly Screenings
Imagine If You Dare
76 minutes

A collection of short films exploring the most taboo subject in Israeli society: the right of return of the Palestinian refugees. Israeli and Palestinian filmmakers invite you to dare to imagine how return might look like. (76 min., Heb. & Arab., Eng. & Heb. subt.)

To be screened:

Return Vision (2019) Dir.: Ehud Shem Tov | Welcome Back (2014) Dir.: Guy Königstein | Amal & Ayed (2018) Dir.: Wassim Kheir | All Rights Reserved (2014) Dir.: Laila Bettermann, Anael Resnick | Take 3 (2015) Dir.: Ayelet Bechar | Al-Shajara (2019) Dir.: Shadi Habib-Allah | From Baysan to Beit She’an (2018) Dir.: Yuval Avraham.