Sunday | 25.10.20

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The Balagan Life of Marceline Loridan-Ivens | The Football Incident

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Conversation with director Yves Jeuland

Dir.: Yves JeulandFrance 2018FrenchHebrew subtitles

In 2014, Marceline Loridan-Ivens sat down for a candid interview about her life and work – from deportation to Auschwitz, returning to Paris after the War, her involvement in arts and politics. Even in her 90s, she is still as sharp and energetic as ever. 

Dir.: Joris Ivens, Marceline LoridanFrance 197520 minutes

A teacher urges the kids playing ball into the classroom. One of them finds it difficult to separate from the ball and kicks it over the teacher’s head. The next day, they gather for a candid discussion about the incident.