Saturday | 23.01.21

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The Amy Winehouse Phenomenon
Dir.: Asif Kapadia | 128 minutes

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Her Uniqueness and the Surprising Success of Non-Uniqueness: The Influence of the Influenced Artist

Lecture:  Prof. Michael Melzer

Concert performed by: Meirav Hazan singer, Rami Osservaser  guitar, Alon Azizi bass, Michal Rahat drums, Guy Frati piano, arrangements and musical director

In the program: “Back to black”, “Love is a losing game” and more

UK 2015 | 128 minutes | English | Hebrew subtitles

The film examines Amy Winehouse's phenomenal musical career, her complex relationships with her loved ones, her addiction to alcohol and drugs and, of course – her reaction to her exceptional fame. This is a story of a rare talent that managed to break through and capture everyone's attention; of a well-loved and desired musician who collapsed under the gaze of millions of fans. The film not only portrays Winehouse's life story, but also succeeds in capturing her singular character as well as the zeitgeist of the first decade of the third millennium. It is a fascinating feature about a mesmerizing protagonist, one you just can't take your eyes off of.